Investigation of necessary transmission enforcements at the Balkan region of ENTSO E in the sense of Inter area oscillations after Interconnection of Turkey

Tor, Osman B
Cihangir, Gençoğlu
Özgür, Tanıdır
Erkut, Cebeci
Güven, Ali Nezih
This paper presents the investigation of 10-Year Network Development Plan (TYNDP) of ENTSO/E CESA countries for the planning period between 2010-2020, concentrating on transmission enforcement needs pointed for the Balkan region. The correlation between those transmission enforcements and the growing oscillations on the weak tie-lines of the Balkan countries particularly after the interconnection of Turkey with the ENTSO/E is discussed. The complaints of the Balkan countries due to growing power oscillations are also discussed considering the tie-line enforcement needs emphasized in the TYNDP report. The sufficiency of current tie-lines between Turkey and ENTSO/E is analyzed in the sense of inter-area oscillations based on computer simulations.
2011 Proceedings of ELECO 7th International Conf. on Electrical and Electronics Engineering, (1 - 04 Aralık 2011)


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O. B. Tor, G. Cihangir, T. Özgür, C. Erkut, and A. N. Güven, “Investigation of necessary transmission enforcements at the Balkan region of ENTSO E in the sense of Inter area oscillations after Interconnection of Turkey,” presented at the 2011 Proceedings of ELECO 7th International Conf. on Electrical and Electronics Engineering, (1 - 04 Aralık 2011), Bursa, Türkiye, 2011, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: