Effects of Turkish fly ashes on the portland cement-fly ash systems.

Ramyar, Kambiz


Effects of a high-calcium and a low-calcium fly ash on the properties of portland cement fly ash pastes and mortars.
Tokyay, Mustafa; Erdoğan, Turhan Y.; Department of Civil Engineering (1987)
Effects of natural pozzolan addition on the properties of portland-pozzolan cements and the concretes made with those cements
Turanlı, Lütfullah; Erdoğan, Turhan Y.; Department of Civil Engineering (1995)
Effects of separate and intergrinding on some properties of portland composite cements
Soyluoğlu, Serdar; Tokyay, Mustafa; Department of Cement Engineering (2009)
In the production of cement, to increase the cement/clinker ratio and decrease CO2 emission, the most important alternative is to produce mineral admixture incorporated cements (CEM II-III-IV-V) instead of portland cement (CEM I). These cements are usually produced by intergrinding the portland cement clinker and the mineral admixtures. However, the difference between grindabilities of the different components of such cements may cause significant effects on the particle size distribution and many other pro...
Effect of trass, granulated blast furnace slag and fly ash on delayed ettringite formation
Topbaş, Selim; Tokyay, Mustafa; Hoşten, Çetin; Department of Cement Engineering (2010)
Properly proportioned, placed and cured concrete can be durable under most conditions. However, deterioration of concrete does occur under certain environments. One of the problems that affect the durability of hardened concrete is delayed ettringite formation (DEF) which is an important problem encountered in precast concrete industry where high temperature curing is applied. Although there had been many researches on DEF, there are still many uncertainties about its chemistry and mechanism. In this study,...
Effects of granulated blast furnace slag trass and limestone fineness on the properties of blended cements
Delibaş, Tuğhan; Yaman, İsmail Özgür; Hoşten, Çetin; Department of Cement Engineering (2012)
The aim of this research was to determine the effects of the fineness of different mineral additives on loss on ignition, heat of hydration, physical, mechanical and chemical properties of blended cements. For that purpose, portland cement clinker was replaced with granulated blast furnace slag (GBFS), natural pozzolan (NP) and limestone (L) at 6%, 20% and 35% replacement levels. Blended cements containing GBFS and NP were ground to a fineness of 3000, 5000 and 6000 cm2/g. Cements containing L were ground t...
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K. Ramyar, “Effects of Turkish fly ashes on the portland cement-fly ash systems.,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 1993.