The Strength Based Mirror Effect and Output Interference in Recognition Memory



BILIKMEN, S; NAZIH, RM (IOP Publishing, 1993-02-01)
In this paper, a nonlinear analytical solution for a cold plasma-bunched beam system based on the Hamiltonian formalism where alpha = n(b)/n0 and beta(phi) = upsilon(phi)/c have been taken as parameters matching between zero and unity is given. The oscillation limiting energies, frequencies and transformer ratios have been carried out in general for both the one-dimensional and the case where a small transverse component of motion is included. The plasma wakefield accelerator has been treated as a special c...
The Atomic Displacements Effect in the Pseudopotential Theory of Short-Range Order
Mehrabov, Amdulla (1976-09-07)
The Effect of Antenna Correlation in Single-Carrier Massive MIMO Transmission
Beigiparast, Nader; Güvensen, Gökhan Muzaffer; Ayanoglu, Ender (2018-07-20)
This work presents a single-carrier massive MIMO transmission system for the frequency selective Gaussian multi-user channel. It considers both cases of spatially uncorrelated and correlated channel and compares them in terms of the user sum-rate as well as the general performance. We consider a channel with M antennas at the base station which provides services for K single-antenna users. We develop a general expression for the achievable rate among users in the channel with a correlation among antennas at...
The Order-Disorder Phase Transformation in Ni3Fe and Ni3(Fe,Nb) Alloys
Doyama, Masao; Mehrabov, Amdulla (1985-01-06)
The free-end interface crack problem for bonded orthotropic layers
Kadıoğlu, Fevzi Suat (1995-01-01)
The plane elasticity problem of two bonded orthotropoic layers containing cracks perpendicular to and along the interface is considered. The cracks are extended to intersect the boundaries and each other in such a way that a crack configuration suitable to study the edge debonding problem associated with bonded dissimilar materials is obtained. The problem is reduced to the solution of a system of singular integral equations with Cauchy type singularities. Numerical results for stress intensity factors and ...
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