The Atomic Displacements Effect in the Pseudopotential Theory of Short-Range Order



The effect of antenna in the forward model of near field microwave imaging systems
Dalkilic, Akin; Alatan, Lale (2019-07-01)
A fast and accurate forward problem solver for near-field microwave imaging systems is developed by considering the electric field intensity as the measured quantity. Since the antenna port voltage values will be the real measured quantity in practical applications, the effects of transmitting/receiving antennas in the forward problem model is investigated.
The effect of antisymmetric tensor unparticle mediation on the charged lepton electric dipole moment
Iltan, E. O. (IOP Publishing, 2011-10-01)
We study the contribution of antisymmetric tensor unparticle mediation to the charged lepton electric dipole moments and restrict the free parameters of the model by using the experimental upper bounds. We observe that the charged lepton electric dipole moments are strongly sensitive to the scaling dimension d(U) and the fundamental scales M(U) and Delta(U). The experimental current limits of electric dipole moments are reached for the small values of the scaling dimension d(U).
Akay, G (1990-03-01)
The Hubness Phenomenon in High-Dimensional Spaces
Mani, Priya; Vazquez, Marilyn; Metcalf-Burton, Jessica Ruth; Domeniconi, Carlotta; Fairbanks, Hillary; Bal Bozkurt, Gülce; Beer, Elizabeth; Tarı, Zehra Sibel (Springer, 2019)
High-dimensional data analysis is often negatively affected by the curse of dimensionality. In high-dimensional spaces, data becomes extremely sparse and distances between points become indistinguishable. As a consequence, reliable estimations of density, or meaningful distance-based similarity measures, cannot be obtained. This issue is particularly prevalent in clustering, which is commonly employed in exploratory data analysis. Another challenge for clustering high-dimensional data is that data often exi...
The effect of curvature-scalar mixing on the annihilation cross sections of the dark matter scalar and unparticle dark matter
Iltan, E. O. (2011-12-01)
We consider the dark matter scalar in the Randall-Sundrum background and study the annihilation cross section if curvature-scalar mixing is switched on. In this case, in addition to the radion, the standard model Higgs scalar drives the annihilation, and it leads to considerable enhancement of the annihilation cross section. Furthermore, we take the unparticle, having a nonzero mass coming from the standard model Higgs-unparticle interaction at low energy levels, as a dark matter candidate and analyze the a...
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A. Mehrabov, “The Atomic Displacements Effect in the Pseudopotential Theory of Short-Range Order,” presented at the V-th All-Soviet Union Conferences on “ Atomic Ordering and their Influence on the Alloy Properties”, Tomsk, Rusya, 1976, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: