A study of the secondary hardening in a steel containing zirconium.

Sezer, Aziz


A study of the flexural behaviour of concrete members with hexagonal sections and of the effect of strain gardient to stress-strain relationship of this type of members.
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A study of the shear strength characteristics of Ankara clay in terms of effective stresses.
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a study of the rate of blow-by in a spark ignition engine under selected parameters.
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A study of phase equilibria in the system Fe0-Fe2O3-B2O3 at 800 °C.
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A comparative study of electrocoagulation and coagulation of aqueous suspensions of kaolinite powders
Kilic, Mehtap Guelsuen; Hoşten, Çetin (2010-04-15)
Removal of kaolinite particles from their synthetically prepared suspensions was studied by electrocoagulation and coagulation to investigate the effect of such operating parameters as initial pH, coagulant dosage, applied voltage, current density, and time. Coagulation was more effective in a wider pH range (pH 5-8) than electrocoagulation which yielded optimum effectiveness in a relatively narrower pH range around 9, where, in both methods, these pH values corresponded to near-zero zeta potentials of kaol...
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A. Sezer, “A study of the secondary hardening in a steel containing zirconium.,” Middle East Technical University, 1971.