Lecture Notes in Computer Science: Preface
Şahin, Erol (null; 2005-09-01)
Seminar In Instructional Technology
Hong, Myunghui; İnam, Ahmet(2020)
Lectures on Fuzzy and Fuzzy SUSY Physics
Kürkcüoğlu, Seçkin; Vaidya, S. (World Scientific Publishing, 2007-02-01)
Memorandum on multiplicative bijections and order
Cabello Sanchez, Felix; Cabello Sanchez, Javier; ERCAN, ZAFER; Önal, Süleyman (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2009-08-01)
Let C(X, I) denote the semigroup of continuous functions from the topological space X to I = [0, 1], equipped with the pointwise multiplication. The paper studies semigroup homomorphisms C(Y, I) -> C(X, I), with emphasis on isomorphisms. The crucial observation is that, in this setting, homomorphisms preserve order, so isomorphisms preserve order in both directions and they are automatically lattice isomorphisms. Applications to uniformly continuous and Lipschitz functions on metric spaces are given. Sample...
Discussion on the extensional folding in the Alasehir (Gediz) Graben, western Turkey - Journal, vol. 157, 1999, 1097-1100
Bozkurt, Erdin; Seyitoglu, G; Cemen, I; Tekeli, O (Geological Society of London, 2002-01-01)
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