A Data Driven Modeling of Ornaments

Adanova, Venera
Tarı, Zehra Sibel
Ornaments are created by repeating a base motif via combination of four primitive geometric repetition operations: translation, rotation, reflection, and glide reflection. The way the operations are combined defines symmetry groups. Thus, the classical study of ornaments is based on group theory. However, the discrete and inflexible nature of symmetry groups fail to capture relations among ornaments when artistic freedom is used to break symmetry via intriguing choices of base motifs and color permutations. In this work, we present a data driven modeling approach, where we go beyond group-theoretical framework and suggest continuous characterization of planar ornaments.
Citation Formats
V. Adanova and Z. S. Tarı, A Data Driven Modeling of Ornaments. 2019, p. 297.