A multidimensional analysis of Turkish German low carbon energy transitions

Bayraktar, Alparslan
Long-term structural changes in energy systems, commonly referred as “energy transition”, have occurred in the past and still occur worldwide. This global energy transition is being observed in multiple fields. Energy systems driven by fossil fuels is being gradually replaced by more decentralized, decarbonized, innovative and technologically smarter alternatives. This desired low-carbon system is mainly shaped by climate change mitigation and adaptation efforts. This inevitable transition to low-carbon economy has immense implications globally and indirectly force all countries to rethink their energy policies. In this regard, Germany is an important case study to observe the effects and management of this transition and a great example for other countries to learn from past experiences and prepare themselves for potential challenges. This research highlights how energy transition in Turkey, a growing economy which started restructuring its energy sector since 2002 through a variety of interlinked measures, is shaped and moving forward. The process is compared to mature German experience, “Energiewende” which is often regarded as the front runner in the global energy transition. The proposed multidimensional analysis focuses on energy security, economic and environmental motives of this transition. This analysis discusses whether Energiewende is a unique model towards low carbon or a model that can be extended to Turkey.


A multiobjective approach to energy environment planning problem
Arikan, Y; Kilic, C (1996-05-16)
The energy planning problem has gained a new dimension in view of the effects of energy production and consumption on environmental decline and ecological damage. The problem was usually formulated in total cost minimization form and the environmental effects of energy activities were not taken into account. It has been well understood now that decisions concerning energy supply cannot be based on a single objective, since energy policies have multiple consequences which cannot and should not be ignored. Th...
Monte Carlo calculation of the de-excitation of fission fragments of Cf-252(sf) within multimodal random neck rupture model
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A Model for Predicting Theoretical Process Energy Consumption of Rotational Parts Using STEP AP224 Features
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Assessment of CO2 Storage Potential in Turkey, Modeling and a Prefeasibility Study for Injection into an Oil Field
Okandan, Ender; Karakeçe, Yıldız; Cetin, Hayati; Topkaya, Ilhan; Parlaktuna, Mahmut; Akın, Serhat; Bülbül, Sevtaç; Dalha, Chantsalma; Anbar, Sultan; Cetinkaya, Ceyda; Ermis, Ismail; Yilmaz, Mustafa; Ustun, Volkan; Yapan, Kadri; Erten, A. Tayfun; Demiralin, Yasemin; Akalan, Ergun (2010-09-23)
The large amount of CO2 that can be mitigated by geologic storage had gained interest during the last 15 years. Acceptance of CCS under CDM is still under discussion(IEA, 2008) however there are several pilot or field scale projects and monitoring surveys that are underway which will make the technology better known and resolve the risks involved. This study involves assessment of possible geologic sites for CO2 storage and calculation of CO2 emissions from thermal power plants with capacities > 500 MWe, ce...
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The necessity for technical-economic analysis of solar energy systems is obvious when assessing their feasibility vis-á-vis conventional alternative systems. Optimum magnitudes of the installation parameters should be defined under the required economic conditions. In this study, the optimization procedure was chosen so as to maximize the total accumulated saving throughout the economic lifetime of the system. The annual solar heating fraction of the system is assessed using the f-chart method which can be ...
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A. Bayraktar, “A multidimensional analysis of Turkish German low carbon energy transitions,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 2020.