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Recent Submissions

Avrupa Birliği Adalet Divanı (ABAD) Kararları Doğrultusunda SMK Yorumu
Çelikel, Deniz (Seçkin Yayıncılık, 2024-01-01)
Optimal model description of finance and human factor indices
Kalaycı, Betül; Purutçuoğlu Gazi, Vilda; Weber, Gerhard Wilhelm (2024-01-01)
Economists have conducted research on several empirical phenomena regarding the behavior of individual investors, such as how their emotions and opinions influence their decisions. All those emotions and opinions are descr...
Data Policy for Open Science in Times of Crisis - Developing Guidance, a Checklist, and a Factsheet as Contributions to the UNESCO Open Science Toolkit
Başbuğ Erkan, Berna Burçak; Murray, Virginia; Crawley, Francis; EKMEKCİ, PERİHAN ELİF; Hudson, Simon (2023-12-19)
cmaRs: A powerful predictive data mining package in R
Yerlikaya-Özkurt, Fatma; Yazıcı, Ceyda; Batmaz, İnci (2023-12-01)
Conic Multivariate Adaptive Regression Splines (CMARS) is a very successful method for modeling nonlinear structures in high-dimensional data. It is based on MARS algorithm and utilizes Tikhonov regularization and Conic Qu...
Stopping Levels for a spectrally negative Markov Additive process
Çağlar, Mine; Vardar Acar, Ceren (2023-12-01)
The optimal stopping problem for pricingRussian options in financerequires takingthesupremumof the discounted reward function overall finitestoppingtimes. Weassumethelogarithmof theasset priceisaspectrally negativeMarkov ...
Learning from stress: Transforming trauma into sustainable risk reduction
Başbuğ Erkan, Berna Burçak; ÇELİK, SÜLEYMAN; Comfort, Louise (2023-12-01)
Data Mining Approaches to Meteorological Data: A Review of NINLIL Climate Research Group Studies
Batmaz, İnci (CRC, New York , 2023-12-01)
Türkiye Afet Bilgi Bankası
Başbuğ Erkan, Berna Burçak (2023-11-23)
Data Policy in Times of Crisis facilitated by Open Science - Developing Guidance, a Checklist, and a Factsheet as Contributions to the UNESCO Open Science Toolkit
Başbuğ Erkan, Berna Burçak; Murray, Virginia; Crawley, Francis (2023-11-16)
Closing the Gap between Knowledge and Action in the Kahramanmaras, Türkiye Earthquakes: A Seismic Gamble.
Comfort, Louise; Başbuğ Erkan, Berna Burçak (2023-11-09)
Forecasting Performance of Machine Learning, Time Series and Hybrid Methods for Low and High Frequency Time Series
Özdemir, Ozancan; Yozgatlıgil, Ceylan (2023-11-01)
Başbuğ Erkan, Berna Burçak (, 2023-11-01)
Why data integrity matters in science and in science policy?
Başbuğ Erkan, Berna Burçak (2023-10-26)
Earthquakes in Turkey and Syria
Başbuğ Erkan, Berna Burçak (2023-10-26)
Why we need data policy for crisis situations facilitated by open science The earthquakes in Turkey and Syria
Başbuğ Erkan, Berna Burçak (2023-10-26)
‘Guidance on Data Policy and Open Science in Times of Crisis'
Başbuğ Erkan, Berna Burçak (2023-10-25)
6 Şubat Kahramanmaraş Depremleri Bağlamında Afetler ve Sağlık Hakkı
Başbuğ Erkan, Berna Burçak (2023-10-21)
Afetlerden Öğrenilenler: Dayanıklı Marmara'nın Yol Haritası
Başbuğ Erkan, Berna Burçak (2023-10-05)
Afet Yönetiminde Sivil İnsiyatiflerin Rolü
Başbuğ Erkan, Berna Burçak (2023-10-05)
Case Study: How we can understand the role of data and AI policy in Big Data during the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria: A case study
Başbuğ Erkan, Berna Burçak (2023-09-07)
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