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Recent Submissions

Evaluating Rail Passengers Sector in Turkey
Ekici, Üsame; Tüydeş Yaman, Hediye; Department of Civil Engineering (2022-1)
With the rapid development of railways in Turkey, the research of railway passenger demand forecasting has gained much importance in the recent years. Passenger demand forecasting for transport services is essential for be...
A study on physical resilience of urban transformation implementations in Turkey under the law numbered 6306
Üstüncan, Umutcan; Şenol Balaban, Meltem; Department of Earthquake Studies (2021-12-10)
The physical development that ignores the unique dangers of Turkey in the process of urbanization and subsequent urban transformation which has created today’s settlements consisting of large risk pools. This is due to dis...
QA/QC formulation in building information models via structural design reviews
Çandır, Esat; Atasoy Özcan, Güzide; Department of Civil Engineering (2021-12-09)
Building Information Models (BIMs) are being used widely in the construction industry, and a quality check should be performed in order to ensure the integrity and reliability of the models. Quality concern starts with the...
Çevik, Mustafa Efekan; Çetin, Kemal Önder; Department of Civil Engineering (2021-12-6)
The Standard Penetration Test (SPT) is the most widely used in-situ dynamic penetration test to identify the geotechnical properties of mostly cohesionless soils for over 100 years. Although ASTM defines the procedure of...
Mammadov, Ahmad; Tokdemir, Onur Behzat; Department of Civil Engineering (2021-12-2)
The main drive upon which this study relies is to introduce a prescriptive accident prevention model to avoid work related accidents by predicting outcomes of work-related accidents in pipeline construction with using mach...
An exploratory study on features of intelligent office buildings and development of an assessment tool
Gündoğan, Handan; Dikmen Toker, İrem; Atasoy Özcan, Güzide; Department of Civil Engineering (2021-12)
Intelligent office buildings have a high-tech image that embraces advanced technologies to enhance the quality of life for building occupants and energy efficiency. The literature's exploration of the Intelligent Building ...
Yılmaz, Anıl; Dikmen Toker, İrem; Birgönül, Mustafa Talat; Department of Civil Engineering (2021-11)
The construction industry still suffers from reaching critical objectives of projects like duration and budget. To deal with this situation researchers and practitioners realized the importance of knowledge management in t...
Investigation of the effects of uncertainties of inflow hydrograph and dam breach geometry on outflow hydrograph
Gödek, Neslihan Pınar; Yanmaz, Ali Melih; Çalamak, Melih; Department of Civil Engineering (2021-11)
Precise breach outflow hydrograph is crucial for the accurate determination of the flood damage and cost at the downstream region. Precise flood inundation modeling is based on the use of a realistic breach outflow hydrogr...
Numerical investigation of coherent structures forming around bridge piers sitting on an inclined surface
Hesap, Emre; Köken, Mete; Department of Civil Engineering (2021-11)
Coherent structures forming around the piers play an important role in the formation of scour hole. Detached Eddy Simulation is used in this study to investigate the three-dimensional coherent structures forming around bri...
BIM-based formwork and cladding quantity take-off using visual programing
Çepni, Yaşar; Akçamete Güngör, Aslı; Department of Civil Engineering (2021-9-09)
Material quantity take-off (QTO) is an indispensable work item in construction projects since it is essentially utilized for scheduling and cost calculation. Traditionally, quantities are calculated based on 2D drawings, w...
A laboratory study on the use of lime columns to improve expansive soils
Özkan, İlyas; Çokça, Erdal; Department of Civil Engineering (2021-9-09)
Expansive soils are well-known for their cyclic shrink-swell behavior due to seasonal moisture changes. These cyclic movements of expansive soils are due to physicochemical changes at the particle level that are dependent ...
Digital terrain model extraction from high-resolution point clouds by using a multi-resolution planarity-based approach
Koçan, Yasin; Leloğlu, Uğur Murat; Department of Geodetic and Geographical Information Technologies (2021-9-09)
Digital Elevation Model (DEM) is a mathematical representation of the elevation of the Earth’s surface. There are two types of DEM, namely Digital Surface Model (DSM) and Digital Terrain Model (DTM). DSM contains natural (...
Çabuk, Eser; Akyüz, Uğurhan; Department of Civil Engineering (2021-9-09)
In Turkey, seismic base isolation have become mainly used passive earthquake control system especially among hospital structures after the amendment of Ministry of Health in 2014, regulating the design of hospitals in high...
Opportunities and challenges in using soil moisture from cosmic ray neutron sensing for rainfall-runoff modelling
Duygu, Mustafa Berk; Akyürek, Sevda Zuhal; Department of Civil Engineering (2021-9-08)
Retrieving or estimating soil moisture is one of the most important elements of hydrology, since most of the hydrological studies consider the absence (drought) or excessiveness (flood) of water stored in the soil. Water s...
Numerical modeling of dam breach in concrete gravity dams
mosaddeghi, farshid; Köken, Mete; Aydın, İsmail; Department of Civil Engineering (2021-9-08)
When a dam fails, a large amount of water is suddenly released that may create large flood waves capable of causing devastating impacts to downstream areas. This is even more important when the damage is caused by an earth...
Utilization of wet-handled and dry-handled coal bottom ashes in portland cement based composites
Tirkeş, Sera; Akgül, Çağla; Department of Civil Engineering (2021-9-7)
Coal bottom ash (BA) is a coarse, granular, incombustible by-product collected from the bottom of coal-burning furnaces. Traditionally, it has been handled by wet-handling systems (WHS) that use large amounts of water for ...
Computational modeling of self-assembly in deformable bodies
Bilgin, Koçak; Göktepe, Serdar; Department of Civil Engineering (2021-9)
Self-assembly is a process in which an irregular system transforms into a regular pattern or an organized structure through local interactions between the components of the material without any external influence. Therefor...
A BIM based assessment of the impact of envelope design and building surrounding on the tradeoff between energy efficiency, thermal comfort and visual comfort
Uysal, Mehmet Turabi; Akçamete Güngör, Aslı; Department of Civil Engineering (2021-9)
The problem of depletion and rapid consumption of natural resources has forced engineers to design houses that consume less energy with more sustainable materials. However, simply minimizing energy consumption is not eno...
Development of construction and demolition waste-based engineered geopolymer composites with self-healing capability
Ulugöl, Hüseyin; Yaman, İsmail Özgür; Department of Civil Engineering (2021-9)
Construction and demolition waste (CDW) has been a popular alternative to mainstream precursors (fly-ash, slag, metakaolin, etc.) for geopolymerization. Its chemical content also has a promising future for self-healing beh...
Investigation of legal issues and contractual considerations associated with BIM use in construction projects
Kaya, Fatih; Akçamete Güngör, Aslı; Birgönül, Mustafa Talat; Department of Civil Engineering (2021-9)
Building Information Modelling (BIM) has expanded its use worldwide in recent years, as it brings efficiency and better quality to the construction industry. This expansion also motivates researchers to investigate potenti...
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