Simulation of Channel Flow by Parallel Implementation of Thermal Lattice Boltzmann Method on GPU

Çelik, Sıtkı Berat
Sert, Cüneyt
Çetin, Barbaros


Simulation of Lid-driven Cavity Flow by Parallel Implementation of Lattice Boltzmann Method on GPUs
Çelik, Sıtkı Berat; Sert, Cüneyt; Çetin, Barbaros (2011-06-01)
Simulation of dynamical refractive index change in on-chip optical devices
Aslan, Anıl; Kocaman, Serdar; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2019)
Theoretical modeling and numerical verification are essential in integrated photonics for designing optimized structures as well as interpretation of the experimental results. In this thesis, a dynamically changing refractive index modification for the Finite Difference Time Domain (FDTD) method is proposed, implemented with C++ and results are compared with recent experimental studies. The proposed method is based on the idea of the time-domain simulation of the non-stationary objects while satisfying the ...
Simulation of Dynamic Operation in Salient Pole Synchronous Machines
Dordea, Toma; Munteanu, Radu; Campeanu, Aurel (2011-09-10)
The design of today's high performance synchronous motors must take into account not only the steady state but also practically inevitable dynamic regimes. In such conditions an accurate predetermination of the parameters and constructive solution by modeling and simulation of the given dynamic operation, becomes a mandatory step. In this aim, in the present paper a novel mathematical model of the high power salient pole synchronous machine (SPSM) is elaborated. We proposed to consider especially the effect...
Simulation of Reinforced Concrete Member Response Using Lattice Model
Aydın, Beyazıt Bestami; Tuncay, Kağan; Binici, Barış (2019-09-01)
Lattice models are well suited for crack simulations; however, their use has been mostly limited to the fracture of plain concrete. In this study, a practical two-dimensional mesoscale lattice composed of overlapping elements was employed to simulate the monotonic response of reinforced concrete elements. The force-deformation response of each element is calibrated from direct tension tests. An explicit time integration technique with novel proportional-integral-derivative control is used to efficiently sim...
Simulation of channel connector behavior using finite element method
Aydoğmuş, Can; Topkaya, Cem; Department of Civil Engineering (2013)
Channel shear connectors are fairly new alternatives to the shear connectors. In this thesis two of the previously done experimental studies were simulated using FEM. First, push-out tests consisted of ten specimens which include European channel sections as shear connectors were modeled in ANSYS. The models with simplistic materials and 2D elements were analyzed. Analysis results were compared with the experimental results. Comparisons showed that, 2D models with bilinear materials were sufficient enough t...
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S. B. Çelik, C. Sert, and B. Çetin, “Simulation of Channel Flow by Parallel Implementation of Thermal Lattice Boltzmann Method on GPU,” 2011, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: