Analysis of carbonhydrates in molases by high pressure liquid chromatography

Süral, Defne


Analysis of phenol oxidation products by scytalidium thermophilum bifunctional catalase/phenol oxidase (catpo)
Avcı, Gülden; Karakaş, Gürkan; Ögel, Zümrüt Begüm; Department of Biotechnology (2011)
This thesis was aimed to analyze phenol oxidation by the bifunctional catalase/phenol oxidase of the thermophilic fungus Scytalidium thermophilum. Several reactive oxygen species (ROS) are continuously produced in fungi under oxidative stress. Depending on the nature of the ROS species, some are highly toxic and are rapidly detoxified by various cellular enzymatic mechanisms, including the production of catalase. S. thermophilum produces a novel bifunctional catalase-phenol oxidase (CATPO) which is capable ...
Analysis of active pharmaceutical ingredients by terahertz spectroscopy
Aytekin, Yusuf Samet; Esentürk, Okan (2017-01-01)
Spectra of solid state active pharmaceutical ingredients obtained by Terahertz (THz) Time Domain Spectrometer in terahertz region of electromagnetic spectrum are presented. Each sample showed unique spectral features in 10.0-90.0 cm(-1) indicating the potential use of THz spectroscopy for identification and quantification of drugs. Spectroscopic information of drugs would be needed in near future when THz technology further develops for on-site analysis and characterisation.
Analysis of bakery products by laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy
Bilge, Gonca; BOYACI, İSMAİL HAKKI; ESELLER, KEMAL EFE; TAMER, UĞUR; Çakır, Serhat (2015-08-15)
In this study, we focused on the detection of Na in bakery products by using laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) as a quick and simple method. LIBS experiments were performed to examine the Na at 589 nm to quantify NaCl. A series of standard bread sample pellets containing various concentrations of NaCl (0.025-3.5%) were used to construct the calibration curves and to determine the detection limits of the measurements. Calibration graphs were drawn to indicate functions of NaCl and Na concentrations...
Determination of trace elements in wheat soil and soil extracts by instrumental neutron activation analysis and atomic absorption spectrometry
Cankur, Oktay; Aras, Namık K.; Aygün, Sezer; Department of Chemistry (1998)
Analysis of the liquefaction products of mengen lignite based on fractionation techniques.
İnanç, Emel; Department of Chemical Engineering (1989)
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D. Süral, “Analysis of carbonhydrates in molases by high pressure liquid chromatography,” Middle East Technical University, 1993.