The Meaning Form and Function of Public Spaces in the Middle East Seeing Beyond the Planned Squares in Cities



The structure of scientific community and its relevance to science ethics
Özdemir, Ece Özge; Sol, Ayhan; Department of Philosophy (2006)
The goal of this thesis is to argue that science is not value free on the grounds of a community based account of ethics. It is the peculiar feature of this model that ethics is a limitation on individual's freedom of action, and moral norms of a community reflect the structure of the community. I endeavour to resolve the problem, on an assumption that science is an activity of scientific community, that science ethics can be derived from the internal structure of scientific community. Therefore, this thesi...
The Concept of public interest in Turkish planning experience with reference to tourism centers
Ülkenli, Zeki Kamil; Keskinok, Hüseyin Çağatay; Department of City and Regional Planning (1999)
The meaning of locality in the globalist point of view
Keskinok, Hüseyin Çağatay (null; 1999-01-22)
The Relation between mother-daughter relationship and daughter's Well-being
Onaylı, Selin; Erdur Baker, Özgür; Department of Educational Sciences (2010)
The purpose of the study was to examine the relation of mother daughter relationship to well- being of the daughters with respect to self-esteem and life satisfaction. The sample was consisting of 426 female university students from Ankara and Kırşehir with a mean age of 21.62 (SD= 2.35). The scales which were used in that study are Adult Daughter Questionnaire (MAD) (Rastogi, 1995), The Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale (Rosenberg, 1965), The Satisfaction with Life Scale (SWLS) (Diener, Emmons, Larsen, & Griffin...
The ethical dimension of human attitude towards nature
Özdemir, İbrahim; Ceylan, Yasin; Department of Philosophy (1996)
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