Global defense industrialization and cooperative behaviors of major powers

Akbay, Özde Aslı
This thesis analyzes global defense industrialization and the cooperative behaviors of major powers in this process. In order to explain the patterns of cooperation in the globalization period, a comparative historical analysis based on a case study approach will be conducted. With this aim, the influence of political, economic, and technological dimensions of global defense industrialization on cooperative behaviors of major actors will be explored following an eclectic approach based on Neorealist, Neoliberal institutionalist, and regionalist theories. In this thesis, it will be argued that the power statuses of major powers influence their cooperative behaviors in the scope of the global defense industrialization process, which, in the twenty-first century, has a more regional characteristic.


Alternative forms of internationalization: the case of Iran
Sune, Engin; Altunışık, Meliha; Department of International Relations (2018)
This thesis analyzes different forms of internationalizations by concentranting on the theoretical discussions on the internationalization of capital and the state. With the examination of the political economic structures in the Islamic Republic of Iran and the development of alternative mechanisms in different moments of its integration into the international capitalist system, the study analyzes the triggers that generate varieties in the forms of integration. The research on the political and economic s...
The anti/alternative-globalization movement : a case study on Turkey
Ergül (Yılmaz), Müjgan; Rittersberger Tılıç, Helga İda; Department of Sociology (2006)
This thesis explores the framing processes within the Anti/Alternative-Globalization Movement through a case study on Turkey. The purpose of the study is to supply a descriptive analysis of the diagnostic and prognostic framing processes within the movement which identify the targets, goals and the strategies of action for the movement. This is an exploratory research based on a purposive sample achieved through snowball sampling and qualitative data gathered through semi-structured interviews. The movement...
An evolution of the human rights policy of the European Union
Noyan, Gülnur; Dağı, İhsan Duran; Department of International Relations (2006)
This thesis concentrates on the development of human rights policy of the European Economic Communities(EEC) within its transformation process into a political organization. the assumption underlying this study is that the EEC was established following World War II as a regional solution that would enable the restructuring of Europe on the bases of power, stability, and peace. this thesis deals with enlargement as a security-oriented strategy, while, at the same time, it endeavors to analyze the EEC treatme...
Restoring Class Power over the Police: The Role of the International in Neoliberal Police Reform in Turkey
Demirbilek, Funda Hülagü; Bedirhanoğlu Toker, Pınar; Department of Philosophy (2011)
This thesis provides a critical analysis of the post-Soviet police transformation that has been on the agenda for about two decades in all over the world. To elaborate and rethink this analysis within a concrete historical process, the transformation of the police in Turkey is focused on. However, as the number of political science-based studies on the police are very limited, and as the dominant academic studies on neoliberal police reform have been determined by policy makers themselves, that state of aff...
The transformation of urban environment under the impacts of global processes: the development of Levent – Maslak axis in İstanbul and it’s impacts on social resilience
Altay, Deniz; Eraydın, Ayda; Department of City and Regional Planning (2011)
This thesis investigates the transformation of cities under the influence of globalization and the socio-spatial impacts of the process. The thesis asserts that global processes, with their neo-liberal agenda, influence the creation of new urban environments and new conditions of living and working in cities by triggering new dynamics in the functioning of certain urban mechanisms such as labour and land markets, which are conceptualized in the study as ‘urban interface mechanisms’. The thesis also asserts ...
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Ö. A. Akbay, “Global defense industrialization and cooperative behaviors of major powers,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2021.