Professional development challenges experienced by language instructors at a foundation university: a case

Yüksel, Burcu
This qualitative case study has been conducted in order to explore the challenges experienced by English language teachers regarding their professional development. The study was carried out in the English language preparatory program at a foundation university in central Turkey. Eight English language instructors working in the program participated in the study. The data were gathered through semi-structures interviews and researcher’s field notes. The results of the study demonstrated that even though participants attributed a high importance to their professional development, there are several factors which hinder their professional development. Those factors are grouped under individual characteristics and context-bound factors. Teachers in this study reported that they suffered most from lack of time and lack of autonomy over their own professional development. In the light of the challenges experienced, the participants proposed suggestions regarding their perceived needs and expectations to have a more efficient professional development to achieve the intended goals of teacher growth.


English instructors' professional development need areas and predictors of professional development needs
Eksi, Gul; Çapa Aydın, Yeşim (2012-05-12)
This study aimed to identify English instructors' professional development needs and to examine the role of years of teaching experience, workload, department of graduation, and instructors' perceptions of professional development programs in predicting professional development needs. The instructors were asked to indicate their degree of need in various areas of professional development via a questionnaire. The total scores for each area were calculated to identify the areas in which the degree of need was...
Teachers' perceptions of self-initiated professional development: a case study on Başkent University English languge teachers
Karaaslan, A. Dilşad; Yıldırım, Ali; Department of Educational Sciences (2003)
The purpose of this study was to investigate perceptions of self-initiated professional development of English language teachers at English Language School of Başkent University. Within this framework, teachers̕ attitudes towards their professional development, their perceptions of major professional development activities, and the factors that hinder change and growth in teachers were investigated. The data collection instrument used was a questionnaire administered to 110 English language teachers at Başk...
Continuing Professional Development for Language Teachers
Bal Gezegin, Betül; Seferoğlu, Gölge (University of Évora, 2019-01-01)
This paper reviews a selection of research from the field of teacher education with a focus on professional development (PD) for language teachers. For this purpose, it investigates target studies published in related academic journals between the years of 2010-2018. Following the steps of systematic review process, review of 33 studies yielded five main themes related to PD; a) PD as a reflective practice, b) PD as a transformative process, c) Role of Collaboration and cooperation in PD, d) INSETs as PD an...
An Investigation into Turkish english language teachers’ perceived professional development needs, practices and challenges
Korkmazgil, Sibel; Seferoğlu, Gölge; Department of English Language Teaching (2015)
This phenomenological research study seeks to explore English language teachers’ professional development needs, practices and challenges that they experience in their professional growth. Data were collected from 41 English language teachers working at public schools in 14 different cities in Turkey through semi-structured interviews conducted in 2012. The findings suggested that highest level of needs were indicated with regard to developing teachers’ English language proficiency and speaking skills, impr...
Professional development practices of English language teachers: A synthesis of studies published between 2006 and 2020
Tasdemir, Hanife; Karaman, Abdullah Cendel (2022-04-01)
Being able to address learners' constantly evolving needs requires teachers to keep expanding their knowledge in their respective fields and actively engage in professional development practices. This qualitative meta-synthesis, therefore, aimed to investigate the research studies published between 2006 and 2020 with respect to in-service English language teachers' professional development. In addition to reporting descriptive information of the studies. this synthesis study highlighted directions of resear...
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B. Yüksel, “Professional development challenges experienced by language instructors at a foundation university: a case,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2021.