The Impacts of Economic Sanctions on Iranian Women

Toprak, Emine Gözde
This thesis aims to analyse the impact of unilateral and multilateral economic sanctions towards Iran upon the economic, political and social lives of Iranian women. It will reflect more on gender impacts of the sanctions instead of the impacts of these measures on state behaviour which is the much discussed aspects in the literature. This thesis problematized the economic sanctions implementedagainst Iranafter 2010,and their effects. The gender impacts of the economic sanctions will be provided with general literature review of economic sanctions, Iran and feminist International Relations theory.Previous literatures demonstrate that women are affected by sanctions in different ways,and to different extents.This study argues sanctions beget women-specific effects in Iran, too. It additionally argues Iranian women are already in subordinated and unequal position because of their gender; sanctions deteriorated their situation at hand. This thesisshowsthat there is a strong causal relation between economic sanctions and deprivations experienced by Iranian women; and there found women specific effectsof economic sanctions.


The effects of european union funding on Turkish civil society
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E. G. Toprak, “The Impacts of Economic Sanctions on Iranian Women,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2021.