Evaluation of housing policy guidelines in Syria: analyses, criticisms and proposals

Injerou, Jamal


Evaluation of sustainability performance of urban regeneration projects: the case of the north entrance of Ankara urban regeneration proect
Korkmaz, Cansu; Balaban, Osman; Department of City and Regional Planning (2015)
Since the 1980s, many urban regeneration projects have been implemented in different kinds of urban areas, such as city centers, housing areas, old-industrial and harbor sites, historical heritage sites. During the last two decades, following the growing attention on urban sustainability, the link between sustainable development and urban regeneration has been strengthened. Urban regeneration projects are attempted to be integrated with social, economic and physical principles of sustainable development. Al...
Reconstruction of urban space through the dialectics of global and local: evolution of urban space in Sultanahmet-Istanbul
Gür, Berin F.; Evyapan, Gönül A.; Department of Architecture (1999)
Achieving a pedestrian oriented transportation system in Ankara
Yaşdağ, Serkan; Günay, Baykan; Department of City and Regional Planning (2006)
After World War II, automobile use expanded rapidly in the developed countries. As a result, travel pattern changed entirely and automobile has become the dominant form of transport in cities. As a result, the city has been shaped and sized in response to automobile needs. Such increase caused traffic problems in the Central Business Districts and surrounding areas. The problems of traffic congestion and pedestrian circulation have become an important issue in the whole city. As traffic problems have grown ...
The inter-urban settlement system: the case of United Arab Emirates
Eldouni, Khaled; Gedik, Ayşe; Department of City and Regional Planning (1993)
Spatial formation of the interface between university and city: consideration of the interfaces of Ankara University and METU in their own contexts
Köse, Semra; Günay, Baykan; Department of City and Regional Planning (2010)
Universities have a significant role in society as they are generators of economic activity, as land developers, as neighbors and as property owners. Therefore it is a focal point in the community. Every university lives within a surrounding community. They have been creating their own relations with the neighborhoods. The space that the university confronts with the city is shaped according to the needs of the people from the university and the inhabitants of the area. Between the university and the city, ...
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J. Injerou, “Evaluation of housing policy guidelines in Syria: analyses, criticisms and proposals,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 1994.