Different Perspectives Similar Practice

XIV World Congress of Comparative Education Societies


Different Situations, Different Voices: Attributions of Student Attrition
Ertem, Hasan Yücel; Gökalp, Gökçe (null; 2018-10-11)
Different Strategies of Housing Design
Çakmaklı, Ayşem Berrin (Intech Open, 2019-11-01)
In a perfect human settlement - providing food, shelter, communications,employment, an efficient environment for the occupants’ better performance - allhuman needs are satisfied without significantly polluting or destroying the naturalenvironment. The depletion and degradation of natural resources and their effects,diseases, and disasters must be taken into consideration. This is a global problemso there must be cooperation. The contents of this book are based on the differentarchitectural strategies that a...
Different approaches for Moller's energy in the Kasner-type spacetime
Salti, M (World Scientific Pub Co Pte Lt, 2005-09-14)
Considering the Moller energy definition in both Einstein's theory of general relativity and tele-parallel theory of gravity, we find the energy of the universe based on viscous Kasner-type metrics. The energy distribution which includes both the matter and gravitational field is found to be zero in both of these different gravitation theories and this result agrees with previous works of Cooperstock and Israelit et al., Banerjee-Sen, Vargas who investigated the problem of the energy in Friedmann-Robertson-...
Different approaches to the Einstein energy associated with the de Sitter C-space-time
Salti, M (2005-12-01)
The paper is purposed to elaborate the problem of gravitational energy localization in de Sitter(dS) C-space-time (the C space-time in a background with a cosmological constant Lambda). In this connection, using the energy-momentum definition of Einstein, we find the same energy in both general relativity and tele-parallel gravity.
Different definitions of "periphery" and different peripheries in the EU
Özdemir, Esin; Eraydın, Ayda; Department of City and Regional Planning (2005)
The definition of the periphery can be made in in different ways, based on the concepts emphisized in different theoretical discussions. Correspondingly, different peripheries appear in Europe from the perspectives of these different definitions. The thesis puts forward five different definitions of the periphery; definition of the periphery based on income and income growth differentials; definition of the periphery by using economic structure, employment and population potentials; definition of the periph...
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