Ideologieproduktion im Kontext der Arbeitsmigration/Ideology Production in the Context of Labor Migration



Idustrialized building systems.
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Entanglement of the Domestic and the Global: A View of Globalization from Below in Desai’s The Inheritance of Loss
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Idiosyncratic narratives : mudéjar architecture and its historiography in Spain
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The Iberian Peninsula has witnessed the emergence of an architectural style called Mudéjar, whose origin and practice is still subject to discussion. It appeared in the 11th century after the Christian Reconquista - reconquest (conquest over Muslims) in the Iberian Peninsula by the Catholic Kingdoms. Yet, as far back as the 8th century Islamic, Christian and Jewish tastes intermingled in the same location to influence what was to become known as the Mudéjar artistic style. The studies that define Mudéjar or...
Entanglement of the Artistic and the Domestic from Below: An Analysis of A. S. Byatt’s Christ in the House of Martha and Mary
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Navigating interculturality in language education: Conceptual and experiential perspectives
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