Investigating Early Childhood Preservice Teachers’ Personal Teaching Efficacy and Outcome-Expectancy Beliefs Regarding Education for Sustainable Development in Turkey

Köklü Yaylacı, Hasret
Olgan, Refika
This study investigates teaching efficacy beliefs of Turkish early childhood preservice teachers toward education for sustainable development (ESD), as well as their personal efficacy and outcome-expectancy beliefs regarding ESD. The study also examines whether or not significant life experiences, year of undergraduate study, and taking courses regarding sustainable development influence students’ ESD teaching efficacy beliefs. In the pilot study the structure of the Turkish version of the Education for Sustainable Development Teaching Beliefs Scale (EfSD-B) was explored within a sample comprised of 158 early childhood preservice teachers. Then, 541 early childhood preservice teachers participated in the main study and completed an adapted version of the EfSD-B scale. The study results revealed a moderate sense of ESD teaching efficacy with its two constructs. Further, the participants’ responses did not significantly correspond with significant life experiences, taking ESD or sustainable development course, and preservice teachers’ year in undergraduate study.
Teacher Educator


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H. Köklü Yaylacı and R. Olgan, “Investigating Early Childhood Preservice Teachers’ Personal Teaching Efficacy and Outcome-Expectancy Beliefs Regarding Education for Sustainable Development in Turkey,” Teacher Educator, pp. 4–24, 2021, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: