Questioning Perceptions and Suggestions about Violence Against Women: The Case of Women Representatives of Political Parties in GNAT in 2021

Taşcıoğlu Örs, Şule
Since violence against women (VAW) is reflected as one of the crucial social issues in Turkey, this study aims to investigate the perceptions of woman members of political parties which are represented in Grand National Assembly of Turkey (GNAT) towards VAW. By examining women’s discourses, the study will demonstrate the similarities and differences between female politicians in Justice and Development Party (JDP), Nationalist Movement Party (NMP), IYI Party, Republican People’s Party (RPP), and People’s Democratic Party (PDP) regarding the VAW perceptions. This study will examine VAW concept under three subtypes as domestic violence, sexual harassment, and femicide in relation to specific conceptualizations and actions taken by those political parties. The reason behind these three specifications is to present how different types of violence are perceived by women in different political parties. In addition, it will investigate the proposed recommendations of female politicians’ considering those three types of violence as possible ways to emphasize, reduce, and stop violence against women. Hence, there will be a comparison between female politicians in those five political parties based on proposed policies and the recommendation regarding lacking or ameliorative implementations of current policies on VAW. As a result, this study reveals that while JDP and NMP show similar trend in terms of defining, understanding, and recommending solutions to inhibit VAW, RPP, PDP, and IYI Party are close to each other based on female politicians’ discourses.


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Ş. Taşcıoğlu Örs, “Questioning Perceptions and Suggestions about Violence Against Women: The Case of Women Representatives of Political Parties in GNAT in 2021,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2021.