Experimental and numerical investigation of flow under radial gates

Tanyeri, Mahmut
Radial gates are commonly used in spillways. At partial gate openings empirical equations, which were obtained from experimental work conducted in 60’s, are used to calculate the discharge passing through. However, there are some discrepancies between the discharge values obtained from these equations and the ones from numerical calculations based on finite volume method and hydraulic models. It is aimed to put forward the source of these differences. For this purpose, experiments and numerical calculations were conducted for different gate configurations. By making use of the trends emerging from numerous numerical simulations, a novel discharge equation was derived at the end of the study. The proposed equation, which has one hydraulic and two geometric parameters, will allow designers to calculate the discharge easily without need of any tedious rating curves.


Evaluation of twin tunnel-induced surface ground deformation by empirical and numerical analyses (NATM part of Eurasia tunnel, Turkey)
Agbay, Ebru; Topal, Tamer (2020-03-01)
Pre-support systems are very important for inner-city shallow tunnels in order to minimize twin tunnel-induced surface deformations. However, previous studies concerning the assessment of the magnitude of surface displacements caused by twin tunneling have not considered the effects of a pre-support system and stress release by deformation. The aim of this study is to introduce a procedure for obtaining modification factor including the effects of a pre-support system and the rock mass quality that can be u...
Experimental and numerical investigation of piano key weirs.
Köken, Mete; Aydın, İsmail; Haspolat, Emre (2017-08-18)
Piano Key Weirs (PKW) are useful overflow structures to increase discharge capacity per unit length of spillway crest for relatively small heads over the weir compared to a standard straight weir crest. PKW can be used as a side or frontal weir in many circumstances to regulate reservoir levels with small changes in water surface elevation. Nearly constant reservoir level has many advantages in optimum operation of water reservoirs for instance in maximizing hydropower production. There are several empirica...
Sanli, T. Volkan; Gürses, Ercan; Çöker, Demirkan; Kayran, Altan (2017-11-09)
Bolted flange connections are one of the most commonly used joint types in aircraft structures. Typically, bolted flange connections are used in aircraft engines. The main duty of a bolted flange connection in an aircraft engine is to serve as the load transfer interface from one part of the engine to the other part of the engine. In aircraft structures, weight is a very critical parameter which has to be minimized while having the required margin of safety for the structural integrity. Therefore, optimum d...
Creep modelling study of a surface support liner
Güner, Doğukan; Öztürk, Hasan (2018-06-24)
Surface supports are widely used in underground excavations. Since conventional surface support liners have inherently-brittle characteristics and require longer curing period, an alternative support system using polymer based surface support liner, thin spray-on liners (TSLs), has been observed to have a promising ductile and fast-curing potential for underground operations. TSLs can exhibit a good performance for highly-stressed, deep, rock bursting conditions as well when used together with rock bolts an...
Application of ring beam stiffness criterion for discretely supported shells under global shear and bending
Topkaya, Cem (SAGE Publications, 2018-12-01)
Silos in the form of a cylindrical metal shell are commonly elevated to provide access to the space beneath. In general, a few discrete column supports at evenly spaced intervals are commonly utilized. The presence of discrete supports results in circumferential non-uniformity in the axial compressive stress above the support. Depending on the size of the structure, several different support arrangements may be chosen. A stiff ring beam is utilized in larger silos to transfer and evenly distribute the discr...
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M. Tanyeri, “Experimental and numerical investigation of flow under radial gates,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2021.