Clash of tanks: the combat effectiveness of the American and the German tanks in the Second World War

Yeşilbaş, Özgür
World War II was the first tank-combat-heavy war in military history. Tanks became the ultimate land weapons in World War II. This thesis is a comparative historical analysis of the American and the German tanks’ effectiveness. It focuses on the tanks’ combat effectiveness by examining tank kill ratios along with their overall impact in achieving the mission objectives. The Germans and the Americans produced and utilized various models of tanks in accordance with their doctrines and needs throughout the war. The study specifically focuses on different theatres of the war, where tank-heavy combats took place. By focusing on the production figures, tank kill/loss ratios and the utilization of tanks, this thesis outlines the impact of the German and the American tanks in the battlefields. In addition, based upon several assessments and observations from many sources, the thesis also outlines a number of areas where changes may have increased the tanks’ effectiveness.


War and imperial capital: public order, crime and punishment in İstanbul, 1914-1918
Dölek Sever, Deniz; Ergut, Ferdan; Department of History (2015)
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Dynamics of the world terror and the war in Iraq
Gündüz, Güngör (Elsevier BV, 2007-03-15)
The dynamics of world terror and the war in Iraq were studied from different aspects. World terror displays a scaling growth while the rate equations of the civilian and the US-soldier casualties in Iraq both display zero-order chemical kinetics. The fractal dimensions of scattering diagrams were evaluated. Animal diagrams were obtained from scattering diagrams. A similarity/dissimilarity ratio was defined to relate any casualty event to a former one. This ratio implies that the dynamics of civilian casualt...
TThe role of lobbies in the US-Israeli relations: (1948-2008)
Berdibek, Muhammed; Boztemur, Recep; Department of Middle East Studies (2011)
The US-Israel relations were based on the US political and strategic interests in the Middle East. The beginning of relations resulted from the Israel’s strategic importance for United States to contain the Soviet sponsored-communism and its location to easy access oil reserves. The bilateral relation, especially after the 1967 Arab-Israeli War, was transformed into a special relation. However, following the election of George Bush as President of the US, the US-Israeli relations rose and reached its peak i...
Miscarriages of Revisionist Analysis of the Cold War
Akdan, Tolgahan (2016-12-04)
This paper attempts to make an analysis of the Cold War revisionism through which it will make a critical appraisal of how revisionist historians interpret the Cold War struggle between the US and the Soviet Union. Though now established as a specific episode in history, the Cold War has always been a subject of intense debate among historians, political scientists as well as scholars of International Relations throughout the past half century, not only for its historical significance in shaping the fate of...
Determination of program management methods and practices to be applied in the national combat aircraft development (tfx) program by using the experience from the f-35 joint strike fighter (jsf) program
Yiğit, Muhammed Ali; Pamukçu, M. Teoman.; Department of Science and Technology Policy Studies (2019)
Following World War II, the air power was clearly accepted as the most critical power to have for all nations. The military theorists focused on the air power since the air supremacy was seen the key for victory. Hence, the fighter aircraft technology has grown aggressively in the second half of last century and triggered the development of five types of aircraft generations until the beginning of the 1990s. The F-35 Lightning-II is a fifth-generation aircraft that has thrust vector, stealth airframe, advan...
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Ö. Yeşilbaş, “Clash of tanks: the combat effectiveness of the American and the German tanks in the Second World War,” M.A. - Master of Arts, Middle East Technical University, 2021.