Cryptographic Misuse Detection Tools

Koru, Emine Selin
Today digital devices are an inevitable part of our lives. We use these devices for things like sharing photos, communicating with friends, and exchanging money. All these actions need privacy. In fact, properly used cryptographic systems can fulfill this need for privacy. However, in some cases developers can make mistakes, because of the reason such as lack of knowledge about cryptography and hard usage of cryptographic APIs. Thus, cryptographic misuse detection has become a new field of study and tools have begun to be designed to detect these misuses. In this study, we discuss 11 detection tools. They are CryptoLint [61], CMA [87], CDRep [77], sPECTRA [68], BinSight [79], CHIRON [85], CryptoGuard [84] and CRYLOGGER [83] in Android platform; iCryptoTracer [76] and Automated Binary Analysis [65] on iOS platform and CRYPTOREX [94] on IoT platform. Moreover, we give a comprehensive rule set and discuss shortcomings of each tool to contribute to future studies.


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E. S. Koru, “Cryptographic Misuse Detection Tools,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2021.