Geleneksel Olmayan Platoncu Matematik Felsefelerinde Matematik Nesneler

Uluslararası İstanbul Felsefe Kongresi


Geleneksel ve Modern Dayanışma
Ayata, Ayşe (1994-01-01)
A computational architecture methodology for design in traditional tissue: the case of Kalkan
Karabağ, Kutay; Asatekin, Gül; Department of Architecture (2010)
This study targets to address the problem of 'new building in a traditional setting', utilizing computational design tools. The intention is to provide a methodology for analysis of architectural features of a traditional tissue and moreover propose computational design strategies utilizing algorithms for processing analytical data serving new building design. In the introduction part, this goal is exposed as well as a critic discussion based on a conservationist perspective for contemporary examples of com...
Representations Of Change In Traditional Ortigia Houses
Başkaya, Aysu (Middle East Technical University, Faculty of Architecture, 1998)
This study aims to determine the functional quality of a dwelling type with an open space, notably the transitional spaces both outside, i.e. open space and inside the dwelling, i.e. the front room facing the open space. To reduce the scope of the investigation to a manageable size, the work was confined to the Island of Ortigia on the south coast of Siracusa in Sicily. Two different vernacular house types built in the late 1800s form the pattern of organisation in the Island of Ortigia and the main differe...
Model Based Comparison of Drying of Asparagus (Asparagus Officinalis l.) With Traditional Method and Microwave
Baltacıoğlu, Cem; Okur, İlhami; Buzrul, Sencer (2020-06-01)
In this study, asparagus slices were dried with traditional oven and microwave oven methods. Model based approach was used to investigate the differences and similarities between two drying methods. Weibullian and linear equations were used as the primary and secondary models, respectively. Secondary model integrated into the primary model could successfully be used to describe the moisture ratio of asparagus in one-step procedure. Appropriate fits were obtained for both drying techniques, but microwave dry...
Sofa as the Expression of Elegance in Traditional Kayseri Houses
İmamoğlu, Vacit (Middle East Technical University, Faculty of Architecture, 2010)
The town of Kayseri is in the geometric center of Anatolia and on the ancient trade routes connecting the west with the Middle East and Asia. Although its history may be traced back to earlier periods, during the first millennium BC, Kayseri was named as Mazaca. Later, after the establishment of the Roman province in 17 AD, it was called Caesare and with the later Arabic rule, Kaysariye. Byzantines constructed the present citadel and outer city walls. Later on, during the Seljuk period, Kayseri became one o...
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