A Systematic Review of Executive Function and Emotion Regulation Studies in Early Childhood

This systematic review aims to synthesize findings from studies that presented information on the relationship between executive function and emotion regulation of children between zero and eight years old and expose the potential contributions of this relationship to early childhood education. There is a lack of work to understand bidirectional associations between emotion and cognition better (Gray, 2004). Accordingly, the study aimed to shed light on the progress in the literature. Cognitive reasoning, comprehension, and action processes may control the emotional actions of a child. Emotion can also be interpreted as a behavioral organizer, effectively adjusting the child's thought, learning, and action. Cognition and emotion are, therefore, inseparable components of the process of development (Calkins & Bell, 2010). Diverse combinations of the "executive function," "emotion regulation," and "early childhood," terms have been searched for related studies in eight databases. As an outcome of the search and review processes, the study includes 21 peer-reviewed research articles published between 2000 to 2020. In this review, no human subject took part and no permission has been taken. The studies in the literature mostly centered on three common characteristics, namely home-related factors, school-related factors, and developmental domains. This review revealed that studies on disadvantage and socio-economic level are mostly associated with the children's home environment, but there are few studies on the school environment of the children. Additionally, it draws attention that there is a lack of developmental interpretations in school-related studies and a lack of school-related interpretation in the studies related to developmental domains.
30th European Early Childhood Education Research Association (EECERA) Conference


An Analysis of the effectiveness of quality indicators in early childhood education on subsequent science competency on a cross-country and Turkish case basis
Kaya, Elif; Olgan, Refika; Department of Early Childhood Education (2014)
The main aim of this study was to investigate the effectiveness of early childhood education on children’s subsequent science competency in PISA assessment. In doing so, the influence of country-level and student-level factors on children’s later competency on the PISA science literacy were also examined. Country-level indicators were determined following variables from past records: public and private expenditure in pre-primary education, pupil-teacher ratio, enrolment rate in pre-primary, duration in pre-...
A Content analysis of graduate theses concerning early childhood education in Turkey
Ilhan, Seden Demirtas; Erden, Feyza (2019-04-01)
This study aims to investigate the descriptive characteristics, research topics and methodological procedures of master's theses and doctoral dissertations regarding early childhood education in Turkey. Within the scope of the current study, 931 Master's theses and 171 doctoral dissertations were analyzed according to university, institute, department, publication year, academic title of the advisor, research topic, sample group, location in which the study took place, research setting of the study, type of...
A replication and extension of the written expressive disclosure paradigm: a longitudinal study
Cantekin, Duygu; Gençöz, Tülin; Department of Psychology (2008)
The aim of the current study was to test the effectiveness of the written disclosure paradigm on psychological health, cognitive processing, dispositional and social factors and to improve the paradigm on the basis of the underlying mechanisms responsible for its benefits. Participants consisting of 73 Middle East Technical University students were randomly assigned to one of three groups to write during 30-min sessions on 3 consecutive days: (1) Guided Disclosure Group (GDG); (2) Standard Disclosure Group ...
The Relationship between mindfulness and resilience among adolescents: mediating role of self-compassion and difficulties in emotion regulation
Aydın Sünbül, Zeynep; Güneri, Oya; Department of Educational Sciences (2016)
The aim of the present study was to test a proposed model for the relationship between mindfulness and resilience as mediated by self-compassion and difficulties in emotion regulation among socio-economically disadvantaged adolescents. A total of 752 students (426 female, 326 male) between 14-19 age ranges (M = 15.82, SD=.88) participated in the study. The Demographic Information Form, 14-Item Resilience Scale (RS-14) (Wagnild, 2010; Terzi, 2006 for RS-25 Item), Mindful Attention and Awareness Scale-A (MAAS...
Examination of early childhood educators' perspectives on transdiciplinary approach.
Demirci, Fatma; Demircan, Hasibe Özlen; Department of Early Childhood Education (2020)
A research study was conducted to investigate the perspective of early childhood educators on transdisciplinary approach. The participants of study were 20 early childhood educators who worked in public kindergartens Bartın, Turkey. The data was collected with a semi- structured interview. Findings of study demonstrated that early childhood educators have positive perspectives on integration of disciplines. Also, early childhood educators have positive perspectives on transdisciplinary approach such as inte...
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