Assessing the impact of nutrient loads on eutrophication in a semi-enclosed bay combining observations and coupled hydrodynamic-ecosystem modelling

Yelekci, Özge
Ibello, Valeria
Fach Salihoğlu, Bettina Andrea
Küçüksezgin, Filiz
Yumruktepe, Caglar Veli
Sayin, Erdem
Salihoğlu, Barış
Tuğrul, Suleyman


Assessing the airtightness performance of container houses in relation to its effect on energy efficiency
Tanyer, Ali Murat; Tavukçuoğlu, Ayşe (2018-04-15)
This study examines the airtightness performance of four types of commonly-used container houses (CHs) and its impact on their energy efficiency. One of the CHs was treated by sealing all junctions inside the container envelope. The airtightness levels of unsealed and sealed CHs were measured by using the fan pressurization method. The interior surfaces of building envelope were scanned by thermal imaging in order to locate the areas suffering from air leakages and thermal failures. The annual energy consum...
Assessing the airtightness performance of container-like buildings in relation to its effect on energy efficiency
Bekboliev, Mirbek; Tanyer, Ali Murat; Department of Building Science in Architecture (2015)
This study analyzes the effect of airtightness on the energy efficiency of single and adjacent containerized buildings, before and after refurbishment. It further gives an overview of air leakage problems found in the sample of prefabricated buildings manufactured and located in Turkey. The air leakage of standard container-like building depends on a number of factors like the age of the building, manufacturing quality and quality of assembly implementation. The airtightness of four typical containerized bu...
Evaluating the thermal stratification of Koycegiz Lake (SW Turkey) using in-situ and remote sensing observations
Kurtulus, Tugba; Kurtulus, Bedri; Avsar, Ozgur; Avşar, Ulaş (Elsevier BV, 2019-10-01)
The goal of this study is to evaluate the thermal properties of Koycegiz Lake using in-situ measurements and satellite based thermal infrared imagery. In-situ measurements of surface water temperature and water depth, as well as meteorological data, were used in the analysis. Images of the Landsat 8 TIRS (Thermal Infrared (IR) Sensors) at IR channels were taken from the data archives of United State Geological Survey (USGS), and were validated with surface in-situ measurements. Specific Electrical conductiv...
Assessing the feasibility of monitoring the condition of historic tapestries using engineering techniques
Dulieu-Barton, J. M.; Şahin, Melin; Lennard, F. L.; Eastop, D. D.; Chambers, A. R. (2007-06-27)
The findings of a year-long programme carried out by a multidisciplinary engineering/conservation team are described. A mass-produced textile material that can be used to represent tapestries is identified and mechanical tests are detailed which demonstrate it behaves in a similar way to tapestry. The feasibility of using optical fibre sensors, full-field optical strain measurement techniques and thermography for monitoring tapestry degradation is assessed. The results of preliminary findings are presented ...
Assessing the Effect of E-Commerce Intelligent Bots on Online Consumers' Post-adoption Behavior for Future Use
Özkan Yıldırım, Sevgi (2014-06-01)
Having conducted many investigations on initial acceptance of information systems using intelligent bots by researchers recently, this study would rather research the post-adoption behavior of online consumers in the online service field. Researchers understand that acquiring a new consumer for a specific service costs five times more than retaining existing consumer. Intelligent bots are intelligent and automated software which assist customers to make the best decision by providing high quality suggestion...
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Ö. Yelekci et al., “Assessing the impact of nutrient loads on eutrophication in a semi-enclosed bay combining observations and coupled hydrodynamic-ecosystem modelling,” Mediterranean Marine Science, vol. 0, no. 0, pp. 1–23, 2021, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: