Casimir effect in a half Einstein universe

Özcan, Mustafa


Casimir energy of the massless conformal scalar field on S-2 by the point-splitting method
Bayin, SS; Ozcan, M (1997-10-01)
We calculate the Casimir energy of the massless conformal scalar held on the surface (S-2) of a 3 dimensional Riemann sphere by using the point-splitting, mode sum and the zeta-function renormalization methods. We also consider the half space case with both the Dirichlet and the Neumann boundary conditions. This problem is interesting since the Casimir energy could be calculated analytically by various methods, thus allowing us to compare different regularization schemes. (C) 1997 American Institute of Phys...
Multidimensional quantum tunnelling formulation of oxygen-16 and uranium-238 reaction
Ataol, Murat Tamer; Yılmaz, Osman; Department of Physics (2004)
Multidimensional quantum tunnelling is an important tool that is used in many areas of physics and chemistry. Sub-barrier fusion reactions of heavy-ions are governed by quantum tunnelling. However, the complexity of the structures of heavy-ions does not allow us to use simple one-dimensional tunnelling equations to and the tunnelling probabilities. Instead of this one should consider all the degrees of freedom which affect the phenomenon and accordingly the intrinsic structure or the deformation of the nucl...
Super symmetric quantum mechanics applications on some diatomic potentials
Kaya, Murat; Sever, Ramazan; Department of Physics (2015)
One dimensional molecular potentials are studied by solving the Schrödinger Equation for some well known potentials, such as the deformed Morse, Eckart and the Hua potentials. Parametric generalization of Hamiltonian Hierarchy is introduced. Nikiforov-Uvarov method and SUSYQM with Hamiltonian Hierarchy method is used in the calculations to get energy eigenvalues and the corresponding wave functions exactly.
Ion implantation in confined, pinching metallic plasmas
Demokan, O; Marji, E (1999-02-15)
A series of preliminary experiments have been carried out to obtain a metallic arc discharge, in the form of an annular cylindrical column, carrying a current in the axial direction. To assert this geometry, a ring-shaped cathode is adopted and an arc formation is triggered by heating the cathode externally. The plasma, initially in the form of a cylindrical shell, is seen to be confined and pinched by its own magnetic field. The resulting, radially inward flux is observed to produce efficient and multidire...
Perceived Autonomy Support and Basic Psychological Needs of Participants in a Women's Health-Related Exercise Programme according to Exercise Stage of Change and Exercise Type
Mehrtash, Shabnam; İnce, Mustafa Levent (2018-03-01)
This study applied the self-determination theory to examine the perceived autonomy support and basic psychological needs of women participating in a health-related exercise programme with respect to exercise stage of change (three stages including Preparation, Action, and Maintenance) and exercise type (Aerobic vs Strength & Flexibility). The sample consisted of 316 women (M age=25.1 years, SD=7.2) who completed the Perceived Autonomy Support Scale for Exercise Settings: Basic Psychological Needs in Exercis...
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M. Özcan, “Casimir effect in a half Einstein universe,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 1995.