Growth kinetics of vanadium nitride precipitates.

Noyan, Ergin


Growth mechanisms of polypyrroles
Sargin, PS; Toppare, Levent Kamil; Yurtsever, E (1996-03-01)
The oligomerization mechanisms of several derivatives of pyrrole have been studied by quantum-mechanical methods. Different growth processes are compared from the point of view of thermodynamic stabilities to gain insight into the branching possibilities. For the simple polypyrrole, polymerization may proceed through either an a or a beta carbon with equal probabilities. When an aldehyde group is attached to the nitrogen, beta positions are definitely favoured owing to strong steric hindrance. For 2-pyrrole...
Growth kinetics of BHK21 C13 cells in different glucose concentrations
Sar, Bilge Nurdan; Hamamcı, Haluk; Department of Food Engineering (1991)
Growth characteristics determination for in vitro and pilot-scale growth of the potential probiotic, Enterococcus faecium to be used in fish aquaculturing
Hamamcı, Haluk; Aytekin, Nihal Destan (2012-09-23)
Growth and characterization of indium rich indium-gallium-nitride solar cell epitaxial structures by metal organic chemical vapor deposition
Çakmak, Hüseyin; Ünalan, Hüsnü Emrah; Turan, Raşit; Department of Micro and Nanotechnology (2012)
The purpose of this study is to develop a technology for indium (In) rich indium gallium nitride (InGaN) solar cell epitaxial structures through metal organic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD) method. InxGa1-xN solar cell structures have potential to cover 90% of the solar spectrum by varying In composition in the active region of the solar cell, where bandgaps of indium nitride (InN) and gallium nitride (GaN) are 0.7 eV and 3.4 eV, respectively. Photovoltaic devices that have a bandgap larger than 2.0 eV g...
Formation kinetics of trihalomethanes in chlorination of drinking water
Güven Şahinalp, Yeşim; Başer Özbelge, Tülay; Department of Chemical Engineering (1994)
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E. Noyan, “Growth kinetics of vanadium nitride precipitates.,” Middle East Technical University, 1979.