Analysis of acid-resistant chlorinated hydrocarbon residues in fishes and crustaceans.

Doğan, Mahmut


Analysis of peroxidase components in Jarusalem artichoke tuber slices.
Kaymak, Banu; Department of Biological Sciences (1972)
Analysis of acyl CoA ester intermediates of the mevalonate pathway in Saccharomyces cerevisiae.
Şeker, Tamay; Nielsen, J (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2005-04-01)
The mevalonate pathway plays an important role in providing the cell with a number of essential precursors for the synthesis of biomass constituents. With respect to their chemical structure, the metabolites of this pathway can be divided into two groups: acyl esters [acetoacetyl CoA, acetyl CoA, hydroxymethylglutaryl (HMG) CoA] and phosphorylated metabolites (isopentenyl pyrophosphate, dimethylallyl pyrophosphate, geranyl pyrophosphate, farnesyl pyrophosphate). In this study, we developed a method for the ...
Analysis of absorption of gases on bidisperse porous catalysts by a pulse-response technique.
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Analysis of laminated glass arches and cylindrical shells
Dural, Ebru; Aşık, Mehmet Zülfü; Department of Engineering Sciences (2011)
In this study, a laminated glass unit which consists of two glass sheets bonded together by PVB is analyzed as a curved beam and as a cylindrical shell. Laminated glass curved beams and shells are used in architecture, aerospace, automobile and aircraft industries. Curved beam and shell structures differ from straight structures because of their initial curvature. Because of mathematical complexity most of the studies are about linear behavior rather than nonlinear behavior of curved beam and shell units. T...
Analysis of expression of beta-tubulin isotypes and mutations of class I beta-tubulin gene in docetaxel resistant MCF-7 cells
Iseri, Oe. Darcansoy; Kars, M. Demirel; Arpaci, F.; Gündüz, Ufuk (2007-07-01)
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M. Doğan, “Analysis of acid-resistant chlorinated hydrocarbon residues in fishes and crustaceans.,” Middle East Technical University, 1978.