Different concepts for the coupling of porous-media flow with lower-dimensional pipe flow

Many flow problems in environmental, technical and biological systems are characterized by a distinct interaction between a flow region in porous-medium and a free-flow region in quasi-one-dimensional hollow structures. In this study, different model concepts, based on a dual-continuum strategy, for the simulation of coupled porous-media flow and (lower-dimensional) pipe flow are further developed and tested. The dual-continuum concept is extended for coupling multi-phase porous-media flow with lower-dimensional single-phase free flow. The complexity of the considered flow regimes is increased gradually. Examples are given for a coupled single-phase incompressible and compressible flow in both porous-media and pipe flow domains. Furthermore, the coupling of single-phase pipe flow with a multi-phase flow based on Richard's equation for the unsaturated soil zone is modeled, where the important role of capillary effects for the mass exchange rate between the two continua could be illustrated. The last example introduces a concept for a two-phase porous-media flow coupled with a single-phase (gas) pipe-flow problem, which revealed that the mobility exchange term can be decisive for the mass exchange rate.


Coupling of porous media flow with pipe flow
Doğan, Mehmet Onur (Eigenverlag des Instituts für Wasserbau, 2011-01-01)
Many flow problems in environmental, technical and biological systems are characterizedby a distinct interaction between a flow region in porous medium and a free flow region inquasi-one-dimensional hollow structures. Examples for such systems are: Mines: Methane released from unmined coal seams migrates through the porousrocks, but also through tunnels and shafts in the mine. Landslides: A sudden water infiltration through macro-pores may trigger landslides. Polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells: The ...
OGUZ, T; SUR, HI (1989-01-01)
Water exchange through the Dardanelles Strait is studied by a two-layer model which considers the laterally averaged flow formed by two homogeneous layers of differing density separated by an entraining interface. The model response is discussed in terms of observations from the strait. In particular, the observed asymmetry and rapid transition at the interface depth as weil as the intense mixing which occurs in the southwestern reaches of the strait are found to be related to the hydraulic characteristics ...
A study for the development of seismic design specifications for coastal structures
Gözpınar, Erdem; Yalçıner, Ahmet Cevdet; Ergin, Ayşe; Department of Civil Engineering (2003)
An evolving design philosophy for port structures in many seismically active regions reflects the observations that: -The deformations in ground and foundation soils and the corresponding structural deformation and stress states are key design parameters. -Conventional limit equilibrium-based methods are not well suited to evaluating these parameters. -Some residual deformation may be acceptable. Performance-based design is an emerging methodology whose goal is to overcome the limitations present in convent...
A reaction-transport-mechanical approach to modeling the interrelationships among gas generation, overpressuring, and fracturing: Implications for the Upper Cretaceous natural gas reservoirs of the Piceance basin, Colorado
Payne, DF; Tuncay, Kağan; Park, A; Comer, JB; Ortoleva, P (2000-04-01)
Predicting reservoir characteristics in tight-gas sandstone reservoirs, such as those of the Upper Cretaceous units of the Piceance basin, is difficult due to the interactions of multiple processes acting on sediments during basin development. To better understand the dynamics of these systems, a forward numerical model, which accounts for compaction, fracturing, hydrocarbon generation, and multiphase flow (BasinRTM) is used in a one-dimensional simulation of the U.S. Department of Energy's Multiwell Experi...
A physical-biochemical model of plankton productivity and nitrogen cycling in the Black Sea
Oguz, T; Ducklow, HW; Malanotte-Rizzoli, P; Murray, JW; Shushkina, EA; Vedernikov, VI; Unluata, U (1999-04-01)
A one-dimensional, vertically resolved, physical-biochemical upper ocean model is utilized to study plankton productivity and nitrogen cycling in the central Black Sea region characterized by cyclonic gyral circulation. The model is an extension of the one given by Oguz et al. (1996, J, Geophys. Res. 101, 16585-16599) with identical physical characteristics but incorporating a multi-component plankton structure in its biological module, Phytoplankton are represented by two groups, typifying diatoms and flag...
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