In vitro starch digestibility of fiber added flat dough pieces cooked at different processing conditions Nilay Güler, İlkay Şensoy*

Güler, Nilay
Şensoy, İlkay
35 th EFFoST Internati onal Conference 20 21


In vitro digestibility of rare sugar (D-allulose) added pectin-soy protein gels
Ateş, Elif Gökçen; Ozvural, Emin Burcin; Oztop, Mecit H. (2021-04-01)
Confectionery gels are known to be high-caloric products due their high sugar content. Changing their formulations by substituting the sugar with alternative natural sweeteners and functionalising them, the addition of proteins has gained attention. Understanding the rate of digestion of these products is also important for selecting the appropriate formulation. In this study, in vitro gastric digestion behaviour of the gels formulated with D-allulose, a low-calorie rare sugar, soy protein isolate (SPI) (1%...
Alshemary, Ammar Z.; Muhammed, Yasser; Salman, Nader A.; Hussain, Rafaqat; Motameni, Ali; Gürbüz, Rıza; Alkaabi, Mohammed Hliyil Hafiz; Abdolahi, Ahmad (2022-01-01)
This study successfully incorporated different chromium ions (Cr3+) fractions into beta-tricalcium phosphate (beta TCP) using the wet-precipitation process aided by microwave radiation. The microstructure analysis of the prepared materials was investigated using XRD and FESEM. The XRD results revealed that the characteristic peaks of Cr-beta TCP materials matched the standard phase of beta TCP crystals. The lattice parameters were decreased with increasing amounts of Cr3+ ions while the degree of crystallin...
In Vivo Studies Of The Scaffolds For Wound Healing
Demirbilek, Murat; Mimiroğlu, Didem; Yazıhan, Nuray (2015-10-24)
In vivo interaction of carcinogenic acrylamide with cytochrome p450 isozymes and phase II enzymes in rabbit liver, kidney and lung
Nuyan, Mine; Arınç, Emel; Department of Biochemistry (2008)
Acrylamide is an industrially produced chemical with known neurotoxic, reproductive toxin and carcinogenic effects. The carcinogenicity associated with acrylamide is mostly attributed to its metabolism by liver CYP2E1. However, studies investigating the effects of acrylamide on CYP2E1 enzyme are limited. In this study, it was aimed to investigate in vivo interaction of carcinogenic acrylamide on microsomal cytochrome P450 enzyme activities, and protein levels, and on cytosolic NQO1 and GST enzyme activities...
In vitro cytotoxicity and genotoxicity of metallic and polymeric materials
Gulce, S.; Gurhan, S. I.; Hasırcı, Nesrin; Endogan, T. (2006-06-01)
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