The solubilization of phosphate rock using rhizopus oryzae

Erdağı, Belgin


The biodegradation of benzene, toluene and phenol in a two-phase system
Hamed, TA; Bayraktar, E; Mehmetoglu, U; Mehmetoglu, T (Elsevier BV, 2004-07-15)
A two-phase aqueous-organic system was used to degrade benzene, toluene and phenol, individually and as mixture by Pseudomonas putida F1 (ATCC 700007). In the first stage of the work, the effect of the phase ratio (0-1, v/v) and the agitation rate (150 and 200 rpm) on the biodegradation process was investigated in an orbital shaker using 2-undecanone as the solvent and the most suitable phase ratio and agitation rate were found to be 0.0625 (v/v) and 200 rpm, respectively. P. putida F1 was added into the aq...
The production of boric acid from ulexite (Boronatro Calcite) by using HCI and flotation.
Yılmaz, Halit; Department of Chemistry (1973)
The Removal of aclonifen from water by adsorption using carbon nanotubes
Yılmaz, Pelin; Dilek, Filiz B.; Department of Environmental Engineering (2019)
Aclonifen has adverse human and environmental effect at high concentrations. Conventional treatment may be insufficient for aclonifen treatment and may cause toxic effects on the living organisms. Therefore, removal of Aclonifen from wastewater is important in terms of ensuring surface water quality and preventing harmful effects. Adsorption, which is one of the advanced treatment methods, is generally applied by using activated carbon. However, recently adsorption with carbon nanotubes (CNT) is attracted g...
The facile synthesis of cyclopentanoid antibiotic kjellmanianone
Demir, Ayhan Sıtkı; Tanyeli, Cihangir; Gulbeyaz, V; Akgul, H (1996-01-01)
The synthesis of cyclopentanoid antibiotic Kjellmanianone is described in this study. The C-acylation of lithium enolates of 3-Methoxycyclopentenone by N-carbomethoxyimidazole or methylcyanoformate beta-ketoester, which when oxidized with Mn(III) acetate produces kjellmanianone in good yield.
The cathodic cleavage of aryl tetrazole ethers.
Toppare, Levent K; Akbulut, Ural; Department of Chemistry (1982)
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B. Erdağı, “The solubilization of phosphate rock using rhizopus oryzae,” Middle East Technical University, 1997.