Reproduction of Postmodernism on Representations of Space a Case of Denizli

Balkaş, Fırat Can
Claim of this thesis is that spatial actions can be analyzed through ‘representations of space’. Postmodernism is still the strongest intellectual and cultural wave. This thesis tries to understand how postmodernism is practiced through ‘representations of space’ on a main street of Denizli. ‘Language Games’ are widely accepted as the main logic of postmodernism. Addition to this, ‘escapism’ is argued to be one of the crucial aspects. Inspired from Lefebvre, these are put in a ‘triad’ to understand the practice of postmodernism. ‘Language Games’ and ‘escapism’ are used to explain practice of postmodernism on ‘representations of space’. Denizli is an expanding town with mainly labor-intensive industrial production in Turkey. Economic conditions of Denizli and Turkey resembles to being a ‘global working class’. Postmodernism includes preaching of being a ‘global middle class’ and this situation of Denizli creates a contradiction. This is another reason why Denizli is interesting. Applications of language games are analyzed on the main street through representations of space. Escapist notions are tried to be detected. The visual depictions of the street’s front were used as data. These photographs were systematically analyzed and some of the phenomena were interpreted with the help of SPSS software. Denizli id observed to hold a contradictory situation, almost a “schizophrenic” use of representations of space: by being proudly local while trying to escape it. “Far-away (i.e., globalism) coming to” Denizli instead of Denizli “going to far away” is the observed form of escapism.


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F. C. Balkaş, “Reproduction of Postmodernism on Representations of Space a Case of Denizli,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2022.