Çocukluk Dönemi Yürütücü İşlevler Envanteri-Ebeveyn Formunun Okul Öncesi Dönem Çocukları İçin Geçerlik ve Güvenirlik Çalışması

Acar, İbrahim Hakkı
Hamamcı, Beyza
Uyanık, Gülden
The present study aims to adapt the parent-report of the "Childhood Executive Functioning Inventory (CHEXI)" into Turkish to use with preschool children. The CHEXI is a rating instrument by which parents evaluate the executive functioning of children between ages of 4 and12 years. The sample of the present study consists of parents of 212 children attending 37 public preschools during 2019 – 2020 academic year. Children’s ages range from 48 to 72 months. Parents completed the CHEXI, Children's Behavior Questionnaire-Short Form (CBQ-SF), and Demographic Information Form. Results from the Confirmatory Factor Analysis showed that the CHEXI has two factors aligned with the original structure; χ2(250) = 383,275, CFI=0.90, RMSEA=0.05 [90% CI 04, 06], SRMR=0.05. These dimensions are Working Memory and Inhibitory Control. As a result of the item-level independent t-test conducted for the upper and lower 27% groups, all items were significantly different between groups. The internal reliability (Cronbach's Alpha) values of the inventory were found to be .90 for the Working Memory and .78 for the Inhibitory Control subscale. This was also true for composite reliability. In addition, there was a significant correlation between CHEXI and CBQ-SF's subscales, indicating criterion validity. The findings of the present study suggest that CHEXI could be used with parents of preschool children in Turkey.
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