Investigation of Aerodynamic Characteristics of Twisted Tall Building

Uluslararası Katılımlı 23. Isı Bilimi ve Tekniği Kongresi


Investigation of aerodynamic and structural features of twisting tall buildings
Bilgen, Sinan; Ay, Bekir Özer; Department of Building Science in Architecture (2019)
After decades of conventional shapes, irregular forms with complex geometries are getting more popular for form generation of tall buildings all over the world. This trend has recently brought out diverse building forms such as twisting tall buildings. This study investigates both the aerodynamic and structural features of twisting tall buildings through comparative analyses. Since twisting a tall building gives rise to additional complexities related with the form and structural system, lateral load effect...
Sıcak-Nemli̇ İkli̇mde Çi̇ft Kabuk Cephe Enerji̇ Performansının İncelenmesi̇
Göksal Özbalta, Türkan; Yıldız, Yusuf (Middle East Technical University, Faculty of Architecture, 2019-9-25)
In buildings, which have a significant share of energy consumption, the proper construction and design of the building envelope is an important issue on all countries due to environmental problems and energy supply. Therefore, controlling the heat loss/gain from the building envelope is an inevitable necessity when considering the increasing building stock in Turkey. Reducing the amount of energy consumed in both new and existing buildings leads to new environmental and climate-sensitive approaches. Double ...
Candan, Korhan; Kayran, Altan (2021-09-10)
Investigation of effect of filler on mechanical properties of fiber reinforced polymer matrix composites
Ligata, Haris; Bilir, Ömer Gündüz; Parnas, Levend; Department of Mechanical Engineering (2000)
Investigation of electrical characteristics of Ag/ZnO/Si sandwich structure
Gullu, H. H.; Surucu, O. Bayrakli; Terlemezoğlu, Makbule; Yildiz, D. E.; Parlak, Mehmet (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2019-08-01)
In this study, temperature-dependent current-voltage (I-V), frequency-dependent capacitance-voltage (C-V) and conductance-voltage (G/omega-V) measurements are carried out for the electrical characterization of a zinc oxide (ZnO) thin film-based diode. The sandwich structure in the form of Ag/ZnO/Si/Al is investigated at temperatures between 220 and 360 K and in the frequency region of 1 kHz-1 MHz. ZnO thin film layer is deposited on a p-Si wafer substrate as a transparent conductive oxide layer by taking in...
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