Placental Hofbauer Cells As a Proxy Cell Type for Fetal Brain Microglia

De Guzman, Rose
Batorsky, Rebecca
Kışlal, Sezen
Brigida, Sara
Bilbo, Staci
Slonim, Donna K.
Edlow, Andrea G.


Metastatic behaviour of doxorubicin resistant MCF-7 breast cancer cells after Vimentin silencing
Tezcan, Okan; Gündüz, Ufuk; Department of Biology (2013)
Chemotherapy is one of the common treatments in cancer therapy. The effectiveness of chemotherapy is limited by several factors one of which is the emergence of multidrug resistance (MDR). MDR is caused by the activity of diverse ATP binding cassette (ABC) transporters that pump drugs out of the cells. There are several drugs which have been used in treatment of cancer. One of them is doxorubicin that intercalates and inhibits DNA replication. However, doxorubicin has been found to cause development of MDR ...
Genomic and evolutionary classification of lung cancer in never smokers
Zhang, Tongwu; et. al. (2021-09-01)
Lung cancer in never smokers (LCINS) is a common cause of cancer mortality but its genomic landscape is poorly characterized. Here high-coverage whole-genome sequencing of 232 LCINS showed 3 subtypes defined by copy number aberrations. The dominant subtype (piano), which is rare in lung cancer in smokers, features somatic UBA1 mutations, germline AR variants and stem cell-like properties, including low mutational burden, high intratumor heterogeneity, long telomeres, frequent KRAS mutations and slow growth,...
Neurosecretory cells in the buccal ganglia of Helix pomatia.
Aydın, Serpil; Bayraktaroğlu, Emine; Department of Science Education (1993)
Stratum corneum lipid liposome-encapsulated panomycocin: preparation, characterization, and the determination of antimycotic efficacy against Candida spp. isolated from patients with vulvovaginitis in an in vitro human vaginal epithelium tissue model
İzgü, Kadri Fatih; Tosun, Kubra; Izgu, Demet (2017-01-01)
In this study, a liposomal lyophilized powder formulation of panomycocin was developed for therapeutic purposes against vulvovaginal candidiasis which affects 80% of women worldwide. Panomycocin is a potent antimycotic protein secreted by the yeast Wickerhamomyces anomalus NCYC 434. This study involved the preparation of panomycocin-loaded stratum corneum lipid liposomes (SCLLs), characterization of the SCLLs, and determination of antimycotic efficacy of the formulation against Candida albicans and Candida ...
Genotoxicity in human lymphocytes and rat tissues exposed to cadmium and nickel alone or in combination.
Şaplakoğlu, Adile Umay; İşcan, Mesude; Department of Biology (1996)
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R. De Guzman et al., “Placental Hofbauer Cells As a Proxy Cell Type for Fetal Brain Microglia,” AMERICAN JOURNAL OF OBSTETRICS AND GYNECOLOGY, vol. 224, no. 2, pp. 0–0, 2021, Accessed: 00, 2022. [Online]. Available: