Are live birth rate and obstetric outcomes different between immediate and delayed embryo transfers following a freeze-all cycle? A retrospective study combined with a meta-analysis

Yildiz, S.
Turkgeldi, E.
Kalafat, Erkan
Gokyer, D.
Keles, I.
Ata, B.


Do live birth rate and obstetric outcomes vary between immediate and delayed embryo transfers following freeze-all cycles?
Yildiz, Sule; Turkgeldi, Engin; Kalafat, Erkan; Keles, Ipek; Gokyer, Dilan; Ata, Baris (2021-12-01)
Research question: Do live birth rates (LBR), obstetric and perinatal outcomes vary between women who underwent frozen embryo transfer (ET) in the immediately subsequent menstrual cycle, and with those who underwent delayed frozen ET.
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S. Yildiz, E. Turkgeldi, E. Kalafat, D. Gokyer, I. Keles, and B. Ata, “Are live birth rate and obstetric outcomes different between immediate and delayed embryo transfers following a freeze-all cycle? A retrospective study combined with a meta-analysis,” HUMAN REPRODUCTION, vol. 36, pp. 451–452, 2021, Accessed: 00, 2022. [Online]. Available: