Investigation of science teachers' topic-specific pedagogical content knowledge regarding climate, weather and seasons: from the dual perspective

Sağbilge, Kübra
This study aimed to investigate experienced science teachers’ subject matter knowledge (SMK) containing syntactic and substantive knowledge and pedagogical content knowledge (PCK) regarding the seasons, weather and climate addressing the dual perspective. In this single case study, three science teachers who worked on public schools constituted the sample. Data were gathered via pre-interview, post-interview, classroom observations and teacher documents. Findings regarding teachers’ substantive knowledge indicated that they were knowledgeable about the basic concepts of seasons, weather and climate compared to climate change, global warming and greenhouse effect. Their syntactic knowledge, however, were found as deficient. Teachers’ PCK regarding science teaching orientations were found as teaching curriculum objectives and preparing students to high school entrance exam. They were aware of all objectives, horizontal relations, and vertical relations in curriculum. The concept of dual perspective also was mentioned as affective goals; in various degrees, they addressed informing students about environmental problems, and being action competent citizens toward preventing these problems (i.e., dual perspective as an objective). They were knowledgeable regarding students’ prerequisite knowledge, and they noticed the some of students’ learning difficulties and misconceptions, but many have preferred teacher-centered methods to overcome them. Their knowledge of instructional strategies and assessment were generally limited to traditional methods. A professional development program should be designed to improve in-service teachers' PCK in which substantive knowledge is handled together with syntactic knowledge including seasons, weather and climate topic. Besides, teachers should be directed to raise students to become action competent citizens on behalf of the society.


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K. Sağbilge, “Investigation of science teachers’ topic-specific pedagogical content knowledge regarding climate, weather and seasons: from the dual perspective,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2022.