The American Photo-Text, 1930‐1960, Caroline Blinder (2019)

European Journal of American Culture


The Istanbul Art World of the Armistice Period (1918-1923)
Tongo Overfield Shaw, Gizem (2018-09-19)
The Nation State Perspectives and Environmental Issues in Turkey 1920 1950
Dursun, Selçuk (null; 2004-06-27)
The Russian Avant-Garde, and Radikal Modernism (Review)
Pamir Dietrich, Ayşe (2017-01-01)
The Voice of the Imperial in an Anti-Imperialist Tone: George Orwell’s Burmese Days
Ağın, Başak (2012-09-01)
First published in 1934, George Orwell’s Burmese Days, which can be read as an example of both descriptive realism and fictional realism, is considered to be a colonial example of British literature because of its publication date. However, based on the personal experience of the author as an imperial officer in Burma, the novel has an anti-imperialist tone, which can also make it possible to read it through postcolonial eyes. As a result, the novel stands as an example of ambivalence since it has both the ...
The Story of Istanbul's Modernisation
Tekeli, İlhan (2010-01-01)
Since reform started under Ottoman rule in the early 19th century, Istanbul has undergone a substantial period of modernisation that has spanned more than 150 years. ilhan Tekeli outlines the metropolis' enduring development, characterising Istanbul's transformation into a modern city into four distinct periods. It is a story that bridges the collapse of the Ottoman Empire and the reconstruction of the Turkish Republic as a nation-state, with the initial demise of the city in favour of Ankara; and continues...
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