Factorization of some polynomials over finite local commutative rings and applications to certain self-dual and LCD codes

Koese, Seyda
Özbudak, Ferruh
We determine the unique factorization of some polynomials over a finite local commutative ring with identity explicitly. This solves and generalizes the main conjecture of Qian, Shi and Sole in [13]. We also give some applications to enumeration of certain generalized double circulant self-dual and linear complementary dual (LCD) codes over some finite rings together with an application in asymptotic coding theory.


Factorization of Joint Probability Mass Functions into Parity Check Interactions
Bayramoglu, Muhammet Fatih; Yılmaz, Ali Özgür (2009-07-03)
We show that any joint probability mass function (PMF) can be expressed as a product of parity check factors an d factors of degree one with the help of some auxiliary variables, if the alphabet size is appropriate for defining a parity chec k equation. In other words, marginalization of a joint PMF is equivalent to a soft decoding task as long as a finite field can be constructed over the alphabet of the PMF. In factor graph terminology this claim means that a factor graph representing such a joint PMF alw...
Additive polynomials and primitive roots over finite fields
Özbudak, Ferruh (2001-01-01)
We prove existence of primitive roots with a prescribed nonzero image using the arithmetic of algebraic function fields for a class of polynomials over sufficiently large finite fields.
Factorization of unbounded operators on Kothe spaces
Terzioglou, T; Yurdakul, Murat Hayrettin; Zuhariuta, V (2004-01-01)
The main result is that the existence of an unbounded continuous linear operator T between Kothe spaces lambda(A) and lambda(C) which factors through a third Kothe space A(B) causes the existence of an unbounded continuous quasidiagonal operator from lambda(A) into lambda(C) factoring through lambda(B) as a product of two continuous quasidiagonal operators. This fact is a factorized analogue of the Dragilev theorem [3, 6, 7, 2] about the quasidiagonal characterization of the relation (lambda(A), lambda(B)) ...
Randomness properties of some vector sequences generated by multivariate polynomial iterations
Gürkan Balıkçıoğlu, Pınar; Diker Yücel, Melek; Department of Cryptography (2016)
We examine the randomness properties of the sequences generated by the multivariate polynomial iterations method proposed by Ostafe and Shparlinski, by using the six different choices of polynomials given by the same authors. Our analysis is based on two approaches: distributions of the periods and linear complexities of the produced vector sequences. We define the efficiency parameters, PE for “period efficiency” and LCE for “linear complexity efficiency”, so that the actual values of the period and linear com...
Switchings of semifield multiplications
Hou, Xiang-dong; Özbudak, Ferruh; ZHOU, Yue (2016-08-01)
Let B(X, Y) be a polynomial over F-qn which defines an F-q-bilinear form on the vector space F-qn, and let xi be a nonzero element in F-qn. In this paper, we consider for which B(X, Y), the binary operation xy + B(x, y) xi defines a (pre)semifield multiplication on F-qn. We prove that this question is equivalent to finding q-linearized polynomials L(X) is an element of F-qn [X] such that Tr-qn/q (L(x)/x) not equal 0 for all x is an element of F-qn*. For n <= 4, we present several families of L(X) and we inv...
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S. Koese and F. Özbudak, “Factorization of some polynomials over finite local commutative rings and applications to certain self-dual and LCD codes,” CRYPTOGRAPHY AND COMMUNICATIONS-DISCRETE-STRUCTURES BOOLEAN FUNCTIONS AND SEQUENCES, pp. 0–0, 2022, Accessed: 00, 2022. [Online]. Available: https://hdl.handle.net/11511/96945.