Use of Powdered Steel Slag in Cement-Bentonite Slurry Wall Construction

Çokça, Erdal
Talefirouz, Davood
This paper presents a comprehensive laboratory investigation into the workability, permeability and unconfined compressive strength of powdered-steel-slag, lime-amended cement-bentonite backfills using several series of mixtures. Prepared mixtures comprise various proportions of cement, bentonite, powdered steel slag, and lime, which have been tested for particle size distribution (PSD), liquid limit, plastic limit, permeability, and unconfined compressive strength (UCS). For each mixture, the effect of varying curing time was investigated. The results show the permeability of the powdered steel-slag, lime-amended cement-bentonite backfill is near enough to the 10-9 m/s (10-7 cm/s) required by standards. The laboratory observations clearly show that cement-bentonite-steel slag (CBS) backfill-evaluated in this study strengthens with time. When placed, the backfill is viscous liquid; later, it is a material strong enough to stand vertically. Amended mixtures including 9% of bentonite content have identified that they do not only give higher strength values but also present lower permeability considers to other mixtures as two most important keys in slurry wall construction. Therefore, it is concluded that CB–powdered steel slag–lime blended mixtures are superior materials for constructing slurry walls.
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