Impact of planned sewage effluent discharges in the middle İzmirbay and alternative treatment methods.

Yayla, Filiz


Impact of hydrologic uncertainties in reservoir routing
Kentel Erdoğan, Elçin; Yanmaz, Ali Melih (null; 2008-05-27)
Reservoir routing methods are used in the design and operation of storage facilities at high flow conditions. Traditionally, deterministic approaches have been used for reservoir flood routing computations, which do not account for possible variations in governing parameters. However, hydrologic variables, such as inflow, stage, and outflow may naturally have various sources of uncertainties. Since important dimensions, such as dam height and spillway size, are normally dictated by reservoir routing perform...
Ozdemirel, Kaya B.; Turak, Ayşe Suzan; Bilgin, Cemal Can (2016-01-01)
The long term viability of many animals depends on maintaining connection between their subpopulations. However, man-made infrastructures can severely damage the connection of subpopulations through fragmenting prime habitats. Our goal in this study is to investigate impact of a series of dam constructions on the potential movement corridors of the wild goat (Capra aegragus), Eurasian lynx (Lynx lynx), and the golden jackal (Canis aureus) in northeastern Turkey. We used one of the most common approaches, le...
Impact of shopping centers on the fragmentation of the city center
Aksel Gürün, Banu; Keskinok, Hüseyin Çağatay; Department of City and Regional Planning (2009)
This study concentrates on the fragmentation process of the city centers. The study suggests that it is not necessarily the planning decisions or the lack of a rigorous planning framework that brings about the fragmentation process. Local and global economic and social circumstances may also give way to fragmentation of the city center. These processes take place through the countenance of developers, city authorities and central government. In this context, the study focuses on the fragmentation process of...
Impact of Atatürk dam on social and environmental aspects of the southeastern Anatolia project
Akyürek, Gökçe; Altınbilek, Doğan H.; Department of Civil Engineering (2005)
In this thesis the impact of the Atatürk Dam on social and environmental aspects of the Southeastern Anatolia Project has been discussed in terms of planning and policy making, institutional arrangements, infrastuctural development and human resources development. In order to analyse the impacts of Atatürk Dam data related to several components are collected. These components can be listed as resettlement, land acquisition and land consolidation, education, health, gender issues. The results show that the A...
Impact of top down and bottom up controls on the microbial loop in Turkish shallow lakes : space for time substitute, monitoring and mesocosm approaches
Özen, Arda; Beklioğlu, Meryem; Jeppesen, Erik; Department of Biology (2012)
Bacteria, nanoflagellates and ciliates constitute the microbial loop and it is a model of the pathways of carbon and nutrient cycling through microbial components of pelagic aquatic communities. The current study comprised of a comparative study of the microbial food web community along north to south latitudinal gradient using space for time susbtitute, monitoring and mesocosms experiments with contrasting nutrient and predation states. We investigated effect of fish predation through different zooplankton...
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F. Yayla, “Impact of planned sewage effluent discharges in the middle İzmirbay and alternative treatment methods.,” Middle East Technical University, 1992.