Impact of Atatürk dam on social and environmental aspects of the southeastern Anatolia project

Akyürek, Gökçe
In this thesis the impact of the Atatürk Dam on social and environmental aspects of the Southeastern Anatolia Project has been discussed in terms of planning and policy making, institutional arrangements, infrastuctural development and human resources development. In order to analyse the impacts of Atatürk Dam data related to several components are collected. These components can be listed as resettlement, land acquisition and land consolidation, education, health, gender issues. The results show that the Atatürk Resettlement has been done involuntarily. The people mostly have their compensation. However the management abilities of the resettlers for the compensations were poor. Generally the Southeastern Anatolia Project as a large scale multi sectoral projects have positive impacts on the literacy ratio and health standards. Actually the social and environmental aspects of this kind of large scale projects are difficult to predict and measure. Therefore reasonable studies on prediciting the problems related to the environemental and social issues and producing sufficient solutions become more and more important day by day. The Southeastern Anatolia Project becomes an important example for similar projects by considering its both positive and negative impacts


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G. Akyürek, “Impact of Atatürk dam on social and environmental aspects of the southeastern Anatolia project,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2005.