Laser Photochemical Nanostructuring of Silicon for Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy

Akbıyık, Alp
Avishan, Nardin
Demirtaş, Özge
Demir, Ahmet Kemal
Yüce, Emre
Bek, Alpan


Laser-induced periodic nano-patterning of solar cell surfaces for low-cost and low material loss fabrication of light management interfaces
Pavlov, Ihor; Genç, Ezgi; Abak, Musa Kurtuluş; Nasser, Hisham; Turan, Raşit; Bek, Alpan (null; 2019-09-11)
Laser Crystallization of Si Thin Film via Pulsed IR Laser for Ultra-Thin Crystalline Solar Cells
Çınar, Kamil; Salar, H Sedani; Dönerçark, Ergi; Avishan, Nardin; Aytaç, A Ege; Bek, Alpan (null; 2018-07-06)
Laser Sculpting and Processing of Silicon for Photovoltaics
Bek, Alpan (2017-12-07)
Direct writing of photonic and fluidic devices in Si by means of laser processing is of great importance as it promisses low-cost, rapid fabrication of Si devices. Although Si microfabrication techniques are well-established and technologically mature, the fabrication time and costs are still of importance as clean room environment, repetitive photomasking, mask aligning, thermal processing steps are typical requirements. Advancements in fiber laser technology has reached a stage such that high average powe...
Laser induced periodic surface structuring for surface enhanced raman spectroscopy
Özkarslıgil, Zeynep Tuğçe; Bek, Alpan; Department of Physics (2020)
In this study, our aim is to fabricate and characterize efficient substrates of surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS) utilizing the field enhancement due to hot spots made by recently developed method of laser induced periodic surface structuring (LIPSS). LIPSS is a cost-effective technique for rapid processing of almost any materials compared to conventional lithography methods. Coating of a thin silver film on LIPSS applied substrate surface provides to observe the localized surface plasmon effect fo...
Laser polishing of optical fiber end surface
Udrea, M; Orun, H; Alacakir, A (2001-09-01)
A new application of glass surface treatment is presented. Fine polishing of optical fiber end (silica type), core/cladding surface is performed. A low-power monomode longitudinal 10-W continuous wave CO2 laser is used. Laser power density is 140 W/cm(2). The beam is spatially filtered to increase the beam uniformity. A decrease of the roughness from 2.5 mum average to less than 100 nm is achieved. The microstructure of the surfaces is studied using atomic force microscopy. An optimum irradiation time of ex...
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A. Akbıyık, N. Avishan, Ö. Demirtaş, A. K. Demir, E. Yüce, and A. Bek, “Laser Photochemical Nanostructuring of Silicon for Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy,” ADVANCED OPTICAL MATERIALS, vol. 2200114, pp. 1–9, 2022, Accessed: 00, 2022. [Online]. Available: