Social Outcomes of the Lisbon Strategy and Beyond



Social representations toward Syrian refugees in Turkey
Özdemir, Fatih; Öner Özkan, Bengi (2015-08-01)
Social political discourse of the surveillance society
Yumurtacı, Egemen Nilüfer; Okyayuz, Mehmet; Department of Science and Technology Policy Studies (2003)
This thesis aims to discuss the Surveillance Society discourse, especially in relation with political analysis in a historical framework by means of new technologies. This study also analyzes the use of so-called revolutionary information and telecommunication technologies for data recording and tracking is analyzed, which is used to regulate the order of the system by the power holders. The limits of thought are traced to Foucault and Lyon. To this context an attempt is made to show that surveillance/ moni...
Social representations of psychology of gender and women in Turkish novels
Yılmaz, Fatih; Öner Özkan, Bengi; Department of Psychology (2014)
Theory of social representations says the group affects its member and at the same time the member affects its group. As people interact with each other, they reconstruct the world socially. This mutual interaction leads to a new type of knowledge. This knowledge is called everyday knowledge. Biological sex does not inform us about issues like gender roles, inequality between genders, women in the workplace whereas gender does; because gender is reconstructed. Language has a role in keeping, transferring an...
Institutional aspects of regional/local economic development
Özelçi, Tanyel; Eraydın, Ayda; Department of City and Regional Planning (2002)
Social Basis of Urban Conflict
Ayata, Ayşe (1987-01-01)
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