A high-resolution, multi-isotopic study of mantle heterogeneity beneath the southeast Indian Ridge: Preliminary Pb and Hf results

Hanan, Bb
Blichert-Toft, J
Sayıt, Kaan
Agranier, A
Hemond, C
Briais, A
Maia,, M
Graham, D
Albarede, F


A preliminary study on some plankters along the Turkish Black Sea Cost: species composition and spatial distribution.
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A baseline study for determination of macrobenthic EPI/infaunal species in the Northeastern Mediterranean
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In order to determine macrobenthic infaunal species living in the northern Cilician basin between Kumkuyu and Erdemli within four seasons of year 2000, 3 replicates from 21 stations were sampled in three transects from 10 to 200 m with Van Veen Grab (0.1 m2 sampling area). A total of 395 species of which 80 species were encountered in four seasons were found belonging to eleven phyla; Cnidaria (5), Platyhelminthes (1), Nemertea (2), Annelida (203), Spincula (10), Arthropoda (108), Mollusca (47), Phoronida (...
A qualitative study of the distribution of recent ostracodes and some foraminiferida in Paradeniz Akgöl Lagoons,(Göksu river deta, southern Turkey).
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The luminescence sensitivity of natural quartz is significantly enhanced if heated beyond the first and second crystal phase transitions, in the temperature range 500-1100 degreesC. This work employs a number of complementary spectroscopic methods to obtain a fuller understanding of the mechanisms of this sensitization process. Spectrally resolved radioluminescence is used to study the role played by hole trapping recombination sites. Linearly-modulated optically stimulated luminescence is used to probe a n...
A Comprehensive Study to Define Local Site Effects in Northern Ankara Turkey
Eker, Arif Mert; Akgün, Haluk; Koçkar, Mustafa Kerem (null; 2013-05-31)
The study is mainly focused on the dynamic soil characterization and determination of site effects for the PlioQuaternary and especially alluvial soils of the Çubuk district and its close vicinity in Ankara. It was observed that the shear wave velocity values for the uppermost 30 meter of the soil profile is not adequate to classify the sites properly and these values could not be correlated with the H/V results obtained from the microtremor records due to the great thicknesses of the soft sediments. The hi...
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B. Hanan et al., “A high-resolution, multi-isotopic study of mantle heterogeneity beneath the southeast Indian Ridge: Preliminary Pb and Hf results,” presented at the Goldschmidt, Praha, Çek Cumhuriyeti, 2011, Accessed: 00, 2022. [Online]. Available: https://hdl.handle.net/11511/97972.