Building a Rube Goldberg Machine How youth use evidence based argument to identify the best solution to a problem

Wang, Hui Hui
Karahan, Engin


Building the expert teacher prototype: A metasummary of teacher expertise studies in primary and secondary education
Anderson, Jason; Taner, Gülden (2023-02-01)
While expert teachers remain a frequent focus of research in education, to date there have been very few attempts to conduct systematic reviews of this literature. This paper presents the findings of the first systematic metasummary of research on teacher expertise in K12 education (primary/elementary and secondary levels), based on analysis of 106 empirical studies from 16 countries involving 1124 teachers identified as experts. The inductively-developed coding framework was applied independently by both a...
Building a sphere of influence in their backyard: a comparative analysis of Turkey‘s and Russia‘s soft power
Tafuro Ambrosetti, Eleonora; Kale Lack, Başak; Department of International Relations (2018)
This thesis analyses how Russia and Turkey under the governments of Vladimir Putin (2000 to date) and Tayyip Erdoğan (2003 to date) respectively, understand and implement the concept of soft power to construct/re-affirm their zones of influence in their shared neighbourhoods with the EU. Building on existing literature, this thesis argues that, in its original formulation, the concept of soft power has liberal biases that complicate its application to non- or partially liberal states, such as Russia and Tur...
Güneş savul, Emel; Çapa Aydın, Yeşim; Department of Curriculum and Instruction (2022-10)
This case study aimed to develop a participatory teacher evaluation model to promote teachers’ professional development. A private primary school was determined as the case, and the study was conducted in the academic year of 2018-2020. Classroom teachers, principals, and experts working in this school constituted the participants. The first part of the research aimed to provide an in-depth analysis of perceptions of participants on current teacher evaluation and professional development practices. In the ...
Building a ‘bitumen bubble’: Novel discourse, temporal sensemaking, and institutional legitimation
Gephart, Robert; Suddaby, Roy; Ganzin, Max; Topal, Çağrı (null; 2013-06-22)
Building a methodology to assess the e-government transformation success
Iskender, Gokhan; Özkan Yıldırım, Sevgi (null; 2012-12-01)
This study develops a methodology to evaluate the weights of probable factors which might be effective in the success of egovernment transformation by using a sample obtained from two different stakeholder groups in four central and four local Turkish public institutions. One stakeholder group contains the citizens using the services provided by e-government (external stakeholders) while the other contains the workers of public institutions providing these services (internal stakeholders). The study develop...
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H. H. Wang and E. Karahan, “Building a Rube Goldberg Machine How youth use evidence based argument to identify the best solution to a problem,” presented at the Association for Science Teacher Education (ASTE), Portland, Amerika Birleşik Devletleri, 2015, Accessed: 00, 2022. [Online]. Available: