Interactions between economic variables, firm-specific financial rations and stock returns in Turkiye

Karaayvaz, M. Barış


Relations of Cognitive and Motivational Variables with Students' Human Circulatory System Achievement in Traditional and Learning Cycle Classrooms
SADİ, ÖZLEM; Çakıroğlu, Jale (2014-01-01)
This study is aimed at investigating the relationships among students' relevant prior knowledge, meaningful learning orientation, reasoning ability, self-efficacy, locus of control, attitudes toward biology and achievement with the human circulatory system (HCS) using the learning cycle (LC) and the traditional classroom setting. The study was conducted with two teachers and four classes for a total of 60 11th grade students from high school. One class for each teacher was assigned as an experimental group ...
Interactions between Driving Skills on Aggressive Driving: Study among Chinese Drivers
WU, Chaozhong; CHU, Wenhui; ZHANG, Hui; Özkan, Türker (SAGE Publications, 2018-12-01)
Aggressive driving has attracted significant attention recently with the increase in related road traffic collisions occurring in China. This study aims to investigate the effect of driving skills on aggressive driving behaviors and traffic accidents to find implications for traffic safety improvement in China. A total of 735 Chinese drivers were recruited to complete a self-reported survey including demographic information, the translated Driver Skill Inventory (DSI), and Driver Aggression Indicator Scale ...
Relationships Among Elementary School Students' Epistemological Beliefs, Metacognitive Skills, and Constructivist Learning Environment Perceptions
Topçu, Mustafa Sami; Yılmaz Tüzün, Özgül (2007-04-09)
This is a cross sectional study which aimed to explore relationships among the elementary school students epistemological beliefs, metacognitive skills, and constructivist classroom environment perceptions. The surveys were administered to 315 students enrolled in fourth and fifth grades and 626 students enrolled in sixth, seventh, and eight grades of seven elementary schools. Explanatory factor analysis results revealed four factors, which are innate ability, quick learning, simple knowledge, and certain ...
Interaction between Students' Motivation and Physics Teachers' Characteristics: Multiple Case Study
KORUR, FİKRET; Eryılmaz, Ali (2018-12-01)
This study identified the process of interaction between students' motivation and characteristics of two physics teachers: one who exhibited effective physics teacher characteristics frequently and one who exhibited the characteristics rarely. The two case teachers were selected to predict contrasting and comparable results. The data gathered from the semi-structured interviews, follow-up interviews, direct observation, video recordings, and field notes were analyzed both by single case and by cross-case an...
Relations between body fat percentage and anthropometric indices
Söğüt, Mustafa (null; 2017-05-23)
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M. B. Karaayvaz, “Interactions between economic variables, firm-specific financial rations and stock returns in Turkiye,” Middle East Technical University, 1996.