DNA: Yaşam Molekülü

Aksoy, Emre


DNA' da SSR (Basit dizilim tekrarları) analizi yöntemiyle balarısı (Apis mellifera) populasyonlarının genetik yapısının araştırılması
Kence, Meral; Hadimoğulları, Necva; Akkaya, Mahinur; Kence, Aykut; Bodur, Çağrı(2002-11-01)
Bu çalışmada Türkiye'deki balarısı populasyonlarının gösterdiği kalıtsal çeşitliliğin mikrosatelitler kullanılarak incelenmesi amaçlanmıtır. Beş farklı alttüre ait balarısı (Apis melliferä L) örnekleri kuzey doğu Anadolu (Artvin-A.m.caucasica), güneydoğu Anadolu (Hatay-A.m.syriaca), doğu Anadolu (Hakkari-A.m.meda), orta Anadolu (Eskişehir-A.m.anatoliaca) ve Türkiye'nin Avrupa yakasından (Kırklareli-A.m.carnica) toplanıp beş mikrosatelit lokusu yönünden araştırılmıştır. Çalışılan 4 Anadolu populasyonunda, ay...
New Protocol for Scanning Minor and Major Grooves Along DNA to Find Best Interaction Mode With Drug Molecules
Gülkaya, Aybüke; Marıon, Antoıne; Department of Chemistry (2022-1-18)
Major and minor groove binder drugs could function as possible treatment agents in genetic disorders or cancer. DNA is recognized by different proteins during replication, translation, and transcription. Basically, by binding to the grooves of DNA, small drug molecules can change the helical structure of DNA, interfere with protein binding and prevent replication, translation or transcription. To alter and inhibit DNA - protein interactions, especially sequence specific ligands should be designed. Accordin...
Cmos integrated sensor readout circuitry for dna detection applications
Musayev, Javid; Akın, Tayfun; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2011)
his study presents a CMOS integrated sensor chip suitable for sensing biological samples like DNA. The sensing part of the chip consists of a 32 X 32 pixel array with a 15 µm pixel pitch. Pixels have 5 µm X 5 µm detector electrodes implemented with the top metal of the CMOS process, and they are capable of detecting charge transferred or induced on those electrodes with a very high sensitivity. This study also includes development of an external electronics containing ADC for analog to digital data conversi...
Conceptual change and scientific progress in genetics
Akbay, Gökhan; Bağçe, Samet; Department of Philosophy (2016)
In this thesis, the historical origins and the contemporary status of the gene centric perspective is evaluated. Gene centrism is a viewpoint which is characterized by the emphasis on genes in the explanation of phenotypes. Gene centric perspective has been defended on the grounds that only genes bear information that specifies organisms. The information concept, as it is used in biology, is problematic. Gene centrism cannot be grounded on a problematic concept of information. The real power of gene centris...
Applications of estimation techniques on genetic and other types of data
Aslan, Murat; Akkaya, Ayşen; Department of Statistics (2003)
The parameters of genetic and other types of data, particularly with small samples, are estimated by using method of moments, least squares, minimum chi- square, maximum likelihood and modified maximum likelihood estimation methods. These methods are also compared in terms of their efficiencies and robustness property.
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R. YILMAZ and E. Aksoy, DNA: Yaşam Molekülü. 2015.